The Daily Verse: Videos for The Last of Us, Arkham City DLC, Halo 4 and Much More!

We have new images from the recent Unreal Engine 4 demo as well as the first screenshot from Forza Horizon. We’ve also got a trailer for the new title from the developers of Kinect Joyride, which is a controller based affair entitled Joy Ride Turbo. The Batman one details DLC entitled “Revenge” in which you get to play as Harley Quinn. The Last of Us actually gets TWO trailers and the Halo 4 video is from Walmart’s GameCenter. It’s an interview with 343 Industries’ Frankie O’Connor. It has some interesting details.

Batman Arkham City – Harley DLC Full Trailer

The Last of Us Debut and Ambush Trailers

Gamecenter’s Interview With Frank O’Connor About Halo 4

Joy Ride Turbo Debut Trailer

New Images From Unreal Engine 4 Demo

First Forza Horizon Images

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