Fall TV Season’s One-Month Old: The Ratings Rundown

Fans, we are one month into the fall television season, so let’s check in and see how all the shows are doing in the extremely key ratings department.

Glee is proving to be a big hit. The show is up a whopping 5.2 million viewers this fall versus last fall. Fall average: 13.4 million.

Dancing With the Stars added 3.6 million viewers when the show traded up Tom DeLay for Jennifer Grey. Fall average: 21 million.

CBS Network gained 2.5 million viewers by subbing CSI: Miami for Cold Case on Sunday nights. Swapping Hawaii Five-0 for CSI: Miami on Monday nights pretty much kept the ratings in tact between both shows, and the networks Thursday night move of The Big Bang Theory has paid off as the shows Fall average sums up to a staggering 14.2 million.

House is not doing too good, as it’s down a shocking 5.4 million views. Fall average: 11.6 million.

Grey’s Anatomy has taken a 3 million viewer dip this season, leaving it’s Fall average at 14.5 million.

NBC Network is hanging in there but the biggest network buzz is definitely Law & Order: Los Angeles, with a Fall average of 9.2 million. Chase, which draws in 6.9 million viewers a week, and Parenthood, which is drawing in just short of that at 6.8 million viewers, aren’t hanging in their so well, though fans are hanging on to hope.

The Office, has dropped just a couple viewers from last year, putting the Fall average at 8.5 million.

Brothers & Sisters is keeping it’s Fall average of 9.9 million viewers, and same can be said for America’s Next Top Model (fall average: 3.4 million) and 90210 (fall average: 2.2 million).

The Vampire Diares is shockingly down 20% from last Fall, putting the average viewing party at 3.6 million.

That’s the big picture, here’s the rest of the fan favorites and how they’re doing.

NCIS holds strong at 19.2 million viewers.
NCIS: Los Angeles is 16 million viewers strong.
The Mentalist is doing well at 15.1 million viewers.
CSI is holding strong at 14.5 million viewers.
Criminal Minds is proving crime in interesting at 14 million.
And Two and a Half Men is bring in 13.5 million viewers.

That’s It For The One Months Recap! Enjoy Fans!


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  1. I’m a little worried at the moment but trying to be optimistic as I’ve heard Life UnExpected isn’t doing too well in ratings? I really hope this isn’t the case, I’m hoping it’s going to be ok because it’s one of the only shows I really adore watching and cannot wait til I get home on a Wednesday to watch the new episodes, I just find it such a good show and I don’t want it to be in trouble.

    I’m definitely glad about Glee though, it definitely gets better.

  2. Life Unexpected is a great show. I’m hoping it gets a pick up too. I usually watch it online a few days later – which is actually what a lot of people do I think.

  3. I miss Roswell! I was an old school Shiri fan, she is the reason I wanted to watch the show 🙂 I do love Life Unexpected (Even though I’m a bit behind right now) It’s so old school WB that’s what I love about it! It reminds me of all of those amazing WB shows back in the day and it has some great music too! I hope the show lasts.

  4. I couldn’t agree more Alexa. It definitely feels like old school WB. Those were the best shows. 🙂 Roswell, Dawsons Creek, Everwood, Jack & Jill… I miss them. 🙂

  5. Yes all those shows were so amazing! I miss them too 🙁 I think I pretty much lived on WB Shows back then. I honestly don’t remember watching anything else haha