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Home Entertainment E3 2012: Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed Hands-On
E3 2012: Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed Hands-On

E3 2012: Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed Hands-On


SEGA is taking another crack at the Kart racing genre, and they’ve got some good times to offer this time around. Their last entry in the series was a solid title. However, it suffered from a lack of differentiation, just melting in with the background of other Kart racers. So how much has this one changed?

Well, I had some hands-on time with this game at E3 and I can say it feels like a different game. The obvious changes are what you’d expect, new tracks, new characters, and new weapons. However, where things really shine is in the new gameplay. As your progress through levels, the levels themselves change, but as they do, so does your vehicle. This means in certain areas you’ll find yourself driving a boat or flying a plane. You’d think it’d be jarring but the transitions are smooth and the game controls really well.

There were three levels playable at E3, one of which was a Panzer Dragoon based level. This level was very impressive with Dragons flying through the air alongside you as you fly through and sharp twists and turns add some great twitch gameplay to the racing. Overall, this is definitely a title to look our for if you’re a Kart Racing fan. You don’t have to take my word for it though, check it out for yourself below.

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