E3 2012: Dead Space 3 Impressions

Dead Space is another series with an impressively adamant fanbase. Another series I unfortunately have not had the bandwidth to try. So once more, these impressions will likely be of more use for those of you looking to jump into a new series. So with the disclaimer out of the way, let’s move onto the actual impressions.

Dead Space 3 takes place on a planet called Tau Volantis, as well as actually in Space we were promised. The gameplay was fast and hectic crazy enemies known as necromorphs coming at you and not letting up. That’s because some of these enemies would attach to corpses and so killing the corpse was only a temporary setback until you killed the infecting enemy. Usually this was done by a headshot where the infecting necromorph would attach.

Also of interesting the game was the addition of drop in and out co-op, meaning a friend can join you and leave at any time. However, what’s unique about is that the second player used during co-op is a fully fleshed out character with his own backstory. Beyond that, he has his own dialogue and bringing him into the game actually changes the way story scenes play out.

There is also apparently a new element to gameplay. This is in the fact that they have added human enemies into the mix. This means you have to deal with these humans trying to kill, but at the same time, anyone you kill becomes a potential necromorph as well… Makes for an interesting dynamic.

We were then shown a boss battle against a very large and very ugly scorpion like necromorph, where in the scene before and after additional dialogue was added for John Carver, the new character alongside Isaac Clarke, the protagonist. This was then followed up by a very intense battle with wave after wave of necromorphs while avoiding a giant drill run amuck. All of this only to end up swallowed by a giant insectoid necromorph, which will likely end up with something akin to when you get swallowed by the giant worm in Gears of War 2.

Enough yapping though… A lot of this is stuff you can see for yourself in the video above. So think it over for yourself with what I’ve mentioned her and what you see there. It might be worth your while.