E3 2012: Borderlands 2 Hands-On

Borderlands is getting a sequel and I’m sure you’re all giddy to get your hands on it. Well I have, and I can say it was definitely a treat. Now, I must begin with a disclaimer. I never played the original Borderlands. Blasphemy, I know. However, after some hands-on time with the second entry, it’s a mistake I definitely intend to rectify.

Unlike many other games, I actually got some hands on time with this title and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. It’s a faced paced shooter with cell-shaded art style. I was tasked with running through an area and defacing the statues of the local baddie, all the while he sent robots to stop me and shouted derisive comments over his loud speakers- Funny ones to boot.

Assisted with this are a variety of enjoyable weapons… Including the standard stuff you’re expect like an automatic rifle. However, you also have acid grenades and an acid gun. Also, a very enjoyable fast shooting sniper I favored.

After sprinting around the level with companion in co-op and taking out all of the statues, the baddie got mad. He then sent out a massive mech to wipe us out. This involved lots of running away and shooting in between barrages of missile fire. It also involved a lot of me and my partner reviving each other at need.

Overall I have to say the art style, quirky dialogue and weapons, as well as the fast action packed gameplay really make for quiet and enjoyable experience So much so that I plan on purchasing Borderlands the first chance I get so I can be ready for the sequel.


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  1. Cant believe you haven’t played the first Borderlands, if you do purchase it make sure to get the GOTY edition for all the bonus DLC that comes with it.