Oscars TV Rating At All Time Low

This year’s (08) Oscars ceremony has been snubbed by millions of viewers – with
figures showing it attracted the lowest TV audience since 1974.

The three-hour ABC broadcast only pulled in an average of 32 million viewers
– one million less than in 2003, which was aired just one day after the U.S.
invaded Iraq.

Last year’s (07) ceremony was watched by an average of 41 million people, but
Sunday’s (24Feb08) viewing figures have gone down as the worst since the
ratings system first began in 1974.

The most-watched Oscars broadcast was in 1998 when 55 million Americans tuned
in to witness box office blockbuster Titanic scoop 11 awards.

ABC says in a statement that this year’s ratings did not account for an
increasing number of people watching the ceremony on personal video recorders.



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  1. Alexa wrote: My sister was bummed that they had it in ‘February’ since the Oscars are always in March. I don’t even know if she watched this year and she watches ‘every’ year