The Amazing Spider-Man Review: A Wonderful Spider-Man Experience

The Amazing Spider-Man Review: A Wonderful Spider-Man Experience

The Amazing Spider-Man
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

The Amazing Spider-Man is an action/adventure title available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Throughout the game you will have a large city to explore as you swing from one building to the next. You will have the main quest to play out and complete, but as you explore through the city, you will have crimes to stop, comic books to collect, photographs to take and more!

To begin with, they did a wonderful job capturing the Spider-Man experience, from the way you explore the massive open city by swinging all over town, to jumping from one ledge to the next. Also, you will enjoy sneaking by guards by crawling on the ceilings and performing stealth take-downs with your web. The game even has you taking photographs and sending them to a journalist. Everything is well executed; even the fighting can be a lot of fun with all the ways you can take down an enemy by using your web.

City Gameplay Footage

As you play through the game you will have a lot to do and see as you explore the city. Random crimes will be reported and you can make your way to that location and stop them from happening. Of course this can get old fairly quickly. There seems to be a million comic books scattered throughout the city for you to collect and there are challenges to participate in and other quick tasks for you to complete. This includes helping the cops take down bad guys – unfortunately this is not well executed and doesn’t end up being much fun even though it looks cool.

You’ll notice early on, once you get past the beginning stages, that the game gets rather stale and becomes slightly uninteresting. Quite often the game failed to keep me engaged. The task to complete each mission became tiresome and for me, the fun just got sucked out of the game. That is a pretty negative view point on the game and I don’t want you to let that discourage you from checking it out, especially those who are fans of Spider-Man. They did capture the setting really well, but some of the execution just wasn’t there in regards to the missions and how you go about completing them.

The combat is enjoyable and as I said, it becomes fun to see the different ways you can take out a bad guy or cross species. That is the one thing that makes the missions a bit more enjoyable. Also, in the field of combat are a number of objects that you can pick up and slam down on enemies. The boss fights are decent enough, but are not that exciting either and some can be rather easy. One of the toughest things about this game is sneaking around by crawling on the ceilings and staying out of sight. What makes it difficult is that if you try and stealth-kill a guard and another guard sees you, they have perfect shots and will shoot you. If you don’t dodge bullets and get out of town – you will die quickly. Stealth gameplay becomes a big part in some areas and if you want to take out a guard or two you will need to make sure that you have an exit plan just in case you are spotted by another. Otherwise you will be restarting the mission very quickly.

You will also be able to upgrade your abilities as you progress through the game. This includes combat abilities which allow you to do more and be stronger. The more experience the better which will lead to unlocking additional upgrades. This is one thing that makes doing all the side quests a little more worthwhile, so that you can grab that experience and help upgrade your abilities faster.

The story is told well enough and really sets up the theme for the game right from the beginning – To take down the cross species and save the day. Unfortunately, the missions were just not that interesting to me to have fully enjoyed this game. The rest – the controls, gameplay, presentation and the overall Spider-Man experience, was well done though. The game looks and sounds good as well and anyone who is a fan of Spider-Man should check this game out. Just expect a few slow moments in the game’s progression.

Score: 7.5/10


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  1. Great Review,man. I haven’t played a Spider-man game since forever, definitely plan to play this very soon, hopefully.

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