The Daily Verse: Halo 4, Metro Last Light, Gears of War, Sleeping Dogs and Resident Evil 6

That’s right, it’s my turn to post the Verse again and you know what that means. Tons of trailers! We’ve got some great ones this time too. The Live Action Trailer for Halo 4, gameplay walkthroughs for Gears of War Judgment and Metro Last Light, then some bonus B-roll from Gears, and video showcasing the star power behind the voice work of the upcoming title, Sleeping Dogs.

Metro Last Light Walkthrough Video

Gears Of War Judgment Overrun Tutorial

Gears Of War Judgment Gameplay – Jack Island At ComicCon

Sleeping Dogs – Voice Talent Trailer

Resident Evil 6 – Comic-Con Trailer

Halo – Forward Unto Dawn Full Trailer

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