Upcoming CBS Reality Features Celebrities Life-Swapping

CBS recently ordered a pilot for a new kind of reality show that will feature celebrities experiencing new walks of life: for a short period anyways.

The show is titled The Same Name, and is already being compared to the network’s hit show Undercover Boss as well as the network’s two successful I Get That a Lot specials.

During episodes of The Same Name, viewers will be able to see celebrities understand how people from different walks of life live on a daily basis first-hand by swapping lives with these people! The catch: the persons they swap lives with have to inherit the same name.

Cris Abrego and Eugene Young will executive produce from production company 51 Minds.

Which celebrities would you like to see featured on the show? Kim Kardashian? Brad Pitt? And with all the reality out there on television, can a show like this last? Weigh in fans!


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