The Weekend Capture: Pikmin 2

The Weekend Capture: Pikmin 2

Captured by AVerMedia Game Capture HD!

The Weekend Capture is a weekly series displaying video game capture footage from the games that we are currently reviewing over that particular weekend. Our goal is to give you a taste of what we are working on each weekend.

The Weekend Capture Features:
Key Gameplay Footage
Lots of Action
Lots of “Goofing Around”
High Scores
And Always Free of Major Spoilers

Pikmin 2
Nintendo Wii

This weekend I am playing Pikmin 2 on the Nintendo Wii. I’ll be featuring a short article based on my experience with the game. I am still early on in the game, but so far I am having a lot of fun and below you can find some basic gameplay video from the beginning of the game. At this point in time I am starting a new day where I need to create more Pikmin in order to move and destroy large objects so that you can earn money and help pay back a debt that is owed by your company. It’s certainly slower paced, but my goodness is it addictively fun.

Gameplay Video 1

Gameplay Video 2

That’s all for this weekend. I hope you enjoyed this segment and look forward to what we have in store for next weekend. Also, leave me your opinion in the comment section or follow me on Twitter @CaffeinatedGamr and send me a tweet there. Enjoy your weekend!


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