Fuse Is Set To Entertain Gamers With A Unique Co-Op Experience

Fuse Is Set To Entertain Gamers With A Unique Co-Op Experience

Fuse is set to launch next week (May 28th), offering players team-based gameplay that features a cast of four characters, each with their own unique abilities. Xenotech weapons are powered by an alien substance and each agent comes with their own special skills and abilities that are necessary for the squad’s survival. Players get to switch between characters as they set out to protect mankind from Fuse, a deadly alien energy source that’s been stolen by a rouge paramilitary organization.

For those who are interested, they can get a taste of the unique weapons that each character offers by checking out the demo, which I highly suggest doing. It’s currently available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, giving players the chance to experience single player or online co-op with up to three additional players. I enjoyed my brief time with the demo, getting to experience the different experimental weapons and abilities that each character brings to the table, adding a bit of strategy to the game. The demo also gives players a difficult fight at the end with two tough mechanical walkers that players must strategize against, which was enough to raise my interest in the game.

Ted Price, CEO and found of Insomniac Games, said in a press release, “When it comes to Fuse, the biggest thing we’ve noticed when sharing it with others for the first time is that playing is believing,” “Fuse takes four player co-op in a new direction with features you won’t find in other third person shooters: from LEAP where you can jump between each of the four unique agents at will to the experimental Xenotech weapons to the deep RPG-like character progression system. And by the way, all of these features rock for solo players as well. Join us in this brand new universe for a quintessential Insomniac Games experience.”

From my brief time with the demo, I got a good sense of how strategic and fun the co-op can be with friends. I certainly look forward to the game’s release next week, playing both single player and multi-player co-op. For now, check out the launch trailer below.

Find out more by going to http://www.fusegame.com


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  1. Fuse has that Great Co-Op feel but there’s a Few Flaws here and there which make the Game a little Bit Iffy. In all I see this Game becoming something Great if Developed Correctly in Projects to come. It Reminds me of 3 Specific Games: Mass Effect, Lost Planet & The Army Of Two Series’s. There are a Few Elements from each of these that gave me FlashBacks of when I Played those Games. I Think those Games are Great Games to Borrow off of to make a MasterPiece for a Futuristic SciFi Co-Op MultiPlayer Game if you Asked me. I know People don’t like when things are being Copied and try to Call them KnockOffs but the Greats are always Copied and for Good reasons, so I don’t Blame them. Who did it 1st is one thing, but the Person who can make it Great is another (Next time Add all Components of each Game).

    For Instance the Game Play Needs a bit more Work to make it a Solid Game and here’s what was Missing.
    •(Army Of Two/Mass Effect) Weapon Customization & Mass Selection
    •(AOT) Enemy Capture(Why Can they Hold us and we Can’t Hold them) •(AOT) Shooting while Downed (Sitting Duck Not Cool)
    •(AOT/ME) Ai Team Mate Commands/Positioning
    •(Lost Planet/ME) These Games are more for the Weaponry Styles and Mechanical Vehicle and Devices but I’ll also put in Enemy Variety and Battle Scenes/Situations.
    • Also(LP) Repairing of Equipment.
    If these Elements were Added this Game would have been over the Top once they Added there Fuse Uniqueness to it.

    Now I have a Few Ideas I’m gonna throw around for the World of Fuse.

    More Characters, Team Chatter and Humor
    • More People of Interest should be in this Game to Create a more Alluring Cast Characters
    • They spoke but not enough for me (Gotta Make those Voice Actors Work for there Money lol)
    • The Jokes were Good enough to make me Smile (I wanna Pause the Game and Cry Laughing) They gotta say some Sarcastic Senseless Stuff and have more Shocking & Stunning Moments like Disbelief.

    More Interactive Stages
    • G