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Home Entertainment AVerMedia’s Game Capture HD Review: Capturing Exciting Moments
AVerMedia’s Game Capture HD Review: Capturing Exciting Moments

AVerMedia’s Game Capture HD Review: Capturing Exciting Moments


AVerMedia’s Game Capture HD Review: Capturing Exciting Moments

Game Capture HD

Over the many years that I have spent gaming I have always had moments that needed to be captured. While explanations and sharing those moments were good, there were times where it just didn’t do certain situation justice. However, if you had video to go along with your explanation it would have made things that much easier to understand. Having AVerMedia’s Game Capture HD device allows me to now share those moments and highlight my playing experience more thoroughly. Whether there are exciting battles, funny situations like a horrible glitch or just to show your high score run or fastest lap time, I am able to better explain the experience with this tool. The Game Capture HD opens up those doors for me to share any situation in game and to quickly upload it to YouTube with ease.

What makes AVerMedia’s Game Capture HD so great is that it’s absolutely easy for anyone to use. It comes with all the component cables you need to hook up to your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately it does not support HDMI, so you will have to deal with all of those component cables – It’s not a bad problem. Once you have your Game Capture HD hooked up to your TV and console of choice, you are be able to record straight to a hard drive that can be attached to the bottom of the device or you can simply record straight to a USB drive. On the front of the Game Capture HD there is an easy access port for you to plug-in and remove a USB drive with ease making the transition from the Game Capture HD to a computer a lot easier. You can record a video and quickly transfer it to a computer in no time with the use of the USB drive.

Once you turn on the Game Capture HD, it is very easy to start recording and to take screenshots. It comes with a small remote control that you can use to control everything you do. It’s also very easy to bring up the menu screen on your device and then the file management folder to view all of your recordings. You can also choose to delete them right there as well if you don’t like a particular recording or snapshot. You may also go to the settings and change the format of how it records as well as the quality for both the videos and images. The highest optimal recording for video is at 15 MB per second with the lowest being at 10 MB per second.

The finished product looks very good, I did have a few moments where the recording wasn’t 100% smooth, but it’s not often enough to be troublesome. Also, the images will appear darker than normal as well and you may need to adjust the brightness on a few of those. Again, it depends on the scene for the image; if it’s a bright image then it won’t be a problem for you. All in all, I was very satisfied with the finished result of each and every video and image.

To simply put it, AVerMedia’s Game Capture HD is a wonderful and easy to use device that anyone who has an interest in recording their own clips should own. The videos below are just some of the examples of things I can do by owning the Game Capture HD. If you are passionate about games and you want to share the play by play of what it is you are doing or experiencing in a game, then this is a must own device.

Over G Fighters

Under Bridge Stunt Video

Akai Katana

Slash Mode – Attempting Top 100 Score

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Demo Gameplay Video (England vs Portugal)

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends

F355 Lap Time

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Arctic Strike

Online Multiplayer Gameplay – New Map: Riot

Spec Ops: The Line

Online Multiplayer Gameplay

This review was also seen in the August issue of our FanBolt Gaming Digital Magazine. You can view the magazine by click on it below.

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