Bret Michaels New Show Ratings Bomb

Bret Michaels’ new reality show ‘Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It’ bombed in the ratings this week.

The show, which is more family-oriented than his previous reality shows, did 847,000 viewers and got beat out by both ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ (2.3 million viewers) and ‘Hoarders’ (1.5 million.)



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  1. haha well I don’t think this one had much of a future anyways 🙂 Not sure how the Rock of Love shows did… I guess well enough for them to give him this show?

  2. He’s really hurting himself with this show. Fans now know that while they thought they were rooting for a non-attached man on Rock of Love, his baby mama and long time on-off girl was somewhere feeling pain for what she watching being broadcast on television of the man she loves – so he lost some female fans there. I don’t like the show – watched one eppy of Jorja and dad discussing death and reincarnation – she’s five and that’s just odd!

  3. I was a avid watcher of Rock of Love. I think his girlfriend, or ex girlfriend knew that the show was basically just a stunt to get his career going again. And it worked in that sense, it did help revitalize his career. The girls on that show, so hilarious and entertaining to watch, I never took it so seriously I figured he would actually end up with one of them.
    Its interesting for me to get to know his girlfriend and his girls, his daughters are so adorable!! Sure she says wierd things, like the death discussion you mentioned Heather, but it was her dad who initiated that discussion, and he should have brought up that convo in a different situation in my opinion. When you are 5, there isn’t much you understand about the world, although they do say the funniest things at that age.

  4. I agree Caribell, and the comment that they say odd things at that age – so true. I have a three year old that has pickled up the sentence [not from me!] from someone – What In THE H*LL IS THAT? – oh, and she thinks just because Kick-As* is a superhero she can say the name over and over haha.