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Pikmin For The First Time: Finding A Simple And Fun Addiction

Pikmin For The First Time: Finding A Simple And Fun Addiction


Pikmin For The First Time: Finding A Simple and Fun Addiction

I am eagerly anticipating the release of the Wii U which is fueled by my time covering Nintendo’s new console and having my hands-on experience with the Wii U as well. When Pikmin 3 was announced for the Wii U, I knew that it was going to be a game I had to get, but unfortunately I have no experience with the series at all. So I recently picked up a copy of Pikmin 2 on the Nintendo Wii to gain my first ever Pikmin experience and my initial reaction was “why did I take so long to play this game!” It’s incredibly simple and addictive and that creates a boatload of fun.

Wii Gameplay Video

Pikmin 2 is one of those games that you can simply sit back, relax and just play. There are very few high stress moments, though there can be times when you need to be well aware of your Pikmin and make sure they don’t get caught up in something they shouldn’t, such as fire, water or having a monster get them. Other than that, you will be spending most of your time lying back while exploring new lands and new caves. You’ll also spend time collecting material to generate more Pikmin, tearing down barriers so that you can continue on and of course collecting valuable objects so that you can pay back your company’s debt. Your primary goal is to collect treasure and earn coins by seeking it out in the various lands and caves.

I really like the strategy of this game and once again it’s not over done – it’s simply fun gameplay that you can dive right into and enjoy. Its style and storyline is unique and puts a smile on your face as you experience it. It’s designed incredibly well and the controls work wonderfully on the Nintendo Wii. It’s easy to control the camera, send out your Pikmin to collect an object, or attack a monster and it’s even simpler to call them back to you. Speaking of monsters, running into some bigger one in the depths of the caves can be a great experience also. I got my full 100 Pikmin and a monster ended up killing 87 of them before I just barely took him out. I wasn’t ready for his challenge and if I had been, I probably wouldn’t have lost as many Pikmin. Still, coming across those large beasty monsters is a fun experience and offers a good strategic challenge.

Wii Gameplay Video #2

The Pikmin are awesome little guys that you can control and you’ll be able to improve them with potions by collecting material to create those potions. You’ll also be able to change them into different type of Pikmin that are different in color and capability. Once again, the game is well done and if anyone hasn’t experienced Pikmin, then do what I have done and pick up a copy of Pikmin 2 for the Wii. If you are the type of person who can handle a slower pace game and strategizing gameplay, then this will be a good fit for you. I can’t wait to continue playing more Pikmin 2, especially leading up to the release of Pikmin 3 on the Nintendo Wii U. With this experience, Pikmin 3 is now a must own title for me.

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