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Home Entertainment Death Rally Review: Fun Arcade Action That Won’t Last For Long
Death Rally Review:  Fun Arcade Action That Won’t Last For Long

Death Rally Review: Fun Arcade Action That Won’t Last For Long


Death Rally Review: Fun Arcade Action That Won’t Last For Long

Death Rally
PC – Steam

Death Rally is an action racing arcade title with a top-down viewpoint on the track and is now available on PC through Steam. The game features a lot of unlockable content from different vehicles, weapons and upgrades on each. As you play the game during each race you will collect parts and money that will be used to unlock vehicles and buy upgrades. The upgrades consist of your basic speed, handling, armor and weapon upgrades. On top of that, there are further tracks for you to unlock as well as you level up your player profile. There are also plenty of achievements for you to unlock as you go through the game.

Each track is full of item boxes for you to shoot and collect; this includes cash, repair, ammo and nitro. Nitro is a huge “boost” providing you with best lap times and overall track times. Unfortunately the game has no sort of leaderboards so there is no way to tell where you rank on lap times or cars destroyed. That’s actually one of the games major faults. While fun to play, the game can get old rather quickly and it doesn’t have a lot of features to support it.

Launch Trailer

The gameplay can be a lot of fun and especially as you first make your way through the game, but both, racing and combat, quickly becomes easy. While continuing to race over and over again to improve on your lap times and to upgrade your weapons and vehicles, much of the time it doesn’t pan out to be the most challenging and the races aren’t long enough to have an epic battle of any kind. Yes, the game is meant to be short and sweet with its enjoyable and easy gameplay, however, I feel they could have added additional features to the game to make it more enjoyable and not leave you wanting more.

There is online multiplayer to help further the experience with the game, but unfortunately it is incredibly hard to find an opponent. It’s really disappointing because that could have made the experience a lot more enjoyable. I really feel this game had all the right parts – simple and fun gameplay, good looking and enjoyable tracks, lots of unlockable content and multiple vehicles, each with their own qualities. More features with a stronger presentation and you would have had a very solid and fun action racer. Instead you are left with a fun few hours of gameplay and that might be it for you.

Score: 6/10

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