Tearaway – New Game from Littlebigplanet Developer at Gamescom 2012 (Trailer)

Tearaway is a brand new IP, an adventure for the Playstation Vita, from the acclaimed Media Molecule studio, known for the Littebigplanet franchise. Its release date is currently to be announced.

Tearaway was one of many surprises that Sony had up its sleeve at Gamescom this year. We knew that Media Molecule had stepped away from development of Littlebigplanet, allowing Tarsier Studios and United Front Games to spearhead the LBP Vita and Karting titles, respectively. Tearaway continues their trend of colorful, highly stylized, and offbeat games. The player leads Iota through a world made entirely out of paper- paper that can be punctured by the player’s fingers as they go “through” the back of the system via the rear touch panel. The player’s fingers are literally entering the world, smashing through levels and taking out enemies. Check out the trailer below to see it in action:

Tearaway – Announcement Trailer


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