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Home TV CW Orders More ‘One Tree Hill,’ ‘Hellcats’ And ‘Nikita’
CW Orders More ‘One Tree Hill,’ ‘Hellcats’ And ‘Nikita’

CW Orders More ‘One Tree Hill,’ ‘Hellcats’ And ‘Nikita’


What’s better than discovering a new show, or falling in love all over again with one you though might lose it’s touch with time but only got better with the season premiere during the Fall TV Season? Finding out that those shows get the green light to continue on with extra episodes, or a full season of course!

That’s exactly what’s happening with some newbies [and an oldie but still goody], on the CW! Newbies ‘Nikita’ and ‘Hellcats’ have both been confirmed for back-nine orders: finally! Joining them is old faithful, but still alive and kicking, series ‘One Tree Hill,’ which has also received it’s back-nine.

Ah, the good news just keeps on coming for the CW this Fall season, and fans are L-O-V-E-ing it [gotta love them Hellcats]!


  1. At this rate One Tree Hill is going to be one of the longest running series. I wonder if fans still like it as much with the cast changes.

  2. love nikita and slowly liking hellcats, but please do not pair alishka with that black guy from one tree hill.. there are too many black and white pairs on the show already

    One Tree Hill also lost me a few seasons ago, was a brucas fan

  3. Nakita is really good so I am glad to hear that it is getting it’s due.:) Hellcats is cute as I started watching it because the girls wanted to see it. :)OTH I have more or less restarted watching again.


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