New Super Mario Bros 2 Impressions: Bling Bling

The latest New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS is now in stores. Is this latest 2D Mario adventure up to par or just a quick cash in? I’ll give you some quick impressions of the game before our review goes live. After 10 hours of gameplay, I can already tell you this game is fun. The coin collecting aspects of the game isn’t gimmicky and actually adds some incentive to re-play the Coin Rush mode to continue to collect more coins. The Coin Rush alone brings some nice re-play value to the series.

However this game does have some flaws to it. The most obvious issue I have with the game deals with the 3D effect. Sadly, the 3D effect is rather lacking and almost non-existent. Although coin collecting in the game is fun, the reward for collecting 1 million coins is very week. Although the game does look nice, it doesn’t feel like an improvement to the DS version. The length of the game is also an issue. It features only 8 worlds with 5 of them being required to actually beat the game. Although there are coin related items, there are no new power-ups found in this game.

Our full review for New Super Mario Bros 2 will be live in a few days. In the mean time, I can go ahead and tell you that this game, despite its flaws, is fun and worth having if you are a 2D Mario fan.


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