Mutant Mudds Has Arrived On PC!

Mutant Mudds, the critically acclaimed retro-style platformer for the 3DS, has made its way to PC! On August 30th, the game was made available for download through multiple digital distribution avenues for $9.99, and is DRM-free. Launching alongside the game is Renegade Kid’s very own Renegade Shop, where the game can be purchased. Mutant Mudds for PC features the 40 original levels as well as 20 brand new “Grannie” levels, one of which you can see below.

Mutant Mudds – New Level Playthrough

In addition to the 20 new, PC-exclusive levels, there are many other additions to Mutant Mudds– from new tunes to new playable characters. The most exciting addition is that of a leaderboard that will stack player’s best times against each other. It’s incredible to think that a game we gave a perfect score to could get even better!

Mutant Mudds can currently be obtained through the following digital distribution platforms in addition to Renegade Kid’s own shop; GOG, Gamersgate, and Desura. Those looking to cop the game through Steam will need to head over to Steam’s new “Greenlight” project and give the game a thumbs up. As of this writing, it has only gotten 2% of the votes that it needs to be published on Steam. Making it to Steam could be huge for Mutant Mudds‘ market saturation, so go help Renegade Kid out!

Act fast- Mutant Mudds PC is only $7.99 until Wednesday, September 5th!