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Home Entertainment VectorRacing Review: Round And Round We Go!
VectorRacing Review: Round And Round We Go!

VectorRacing Review: Round And Round We Go!


VectorRacing, a new fast paced racing game for the Nintendo 3DS eShop, certainly has a unique look to it. Instead of a normal looking racing game with backgrounds and 3D models, the entire game is just a series of lines. These lines make up your car and the track around it. With this, the game is very nice looking and unique. But the game doesn’t offer much in terms of wanting to continue playing it for very long sadly.

The races themselves are rather boring and repetitive, which is very much a shame since the tracks themselves are actually interesting. The main issue is that after a few races, there really isn’t any reason to keep playing with the small amount of different cars and tracks. The other AI racers in the game are there to just get in your way. There are no weapons for you or them to blast each other off the track. The only way to beat the opponents is go faster than them. I feel that the game could have really benefited with the use of items and weapons. The game does offer multiplayer, but only local offline multiplayer with your friends. While there is no online gameplay, there is an online leaderboard where you can compare your track records with those around the world.

While the game looks nice and is certainly unique, its repetitive racing style and uninteresting gameplay leave much to be desired. If VectorRacing was a little bit cheaper, I could actually see myself recommending the game to some, but for its current high price, I do recommend staying away.

Rating: 6/10


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