Longoria Parker Defends Housewives Rating Slump

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA PARKER has defended the hit show –
insisting the ratings slump was not caused by its creator MARC CHERRY’s reduced

The show attracted a high volume of criticism in its third season when
ratings dipped 25 per cent on the two previous series – with blame placed on
Cherry’s decision to scale down his involvement in the writing process.

But Longoria Parker insists the show was not a failure without Cherry’s magic
touch – pointing out that series three was her favorite as her character,
Gabrielle, landed a stream of must-watch storylines.

She says, “You can tell when he’s written an episode or not or he’s touched
up a scene. He has a very unique tone to every word that he puts on the page.
He’s a genius.

“The baby, the nun, the adoption, the maid – it was a fun arc for her
(Gabrielle). I think every season has been unique. Season one was a phenomenon,
(and) my favorite episode to date was the pilot, it was just incredible. (But)
you can’t relive that, you can’t recreate that.”



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