Nano Assault Neo For WiiU Unveiled By Shin’en Multimedia

Nano Assault Neo was revealed last week along with the flurry of other WiiU announcements. It is coming to us from Shin’en Multimedia as a part of their now-well-established “Nano” franchise of shooters, and is set to be a launch window title for the system. Note that this is a new title, and not just a port of the previous 3DS game.

Nano Assault Neo‘s announcement was accompanied by the release of a trailer, where we can see several new features. The WiiU Game Pad’s screen features a rotatable 3D map of the current cell with enemy locations. It is also used to change the position of the player’s satellites. More excitingly, the game also makes use of the WiiU’s ability to keep the game going when the TV is no longer available, allowing you to pause mid-level, transfer the game to the Game Pad, then continue playing. Check out the trailer below!

Nano Assault Neo – Reveal Trailer

Earlier this year, we talked to Shin’en about their current and upcoming projects. When asked about a new IP, they responded that “In the last 4 years, we have created 5 new, successful IP’s, so we think now it’s time to take care of them”. They went on to say that their next arcade game was a “futuristic action title” that is a spinoff of one of their existing IP’s, set to be a WiiU launch title. There was some speculation as to whether it would be set in the Nano or FAST universe, but now that speculation can be laid to rest. FAST: Racing League fans will have to wait a little longer to see if the standout WiiWare title makes a comeback on the 3DS or WiiU in the next couple of years.

Nano Assault Neo‘s announcement comes in the wake of the reveal of an updated version of the original 3DS title, called Nano Assault EX. It is set to be a downloadable title on the 3DS eShop, featuring Circle Pad Pro support and new modes and options.

More details on both Nano Assault titles to come as we get them. Stay tuned!


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