NG:Dev.Team Announces NEO XYX For The Neo Geo system

The developers behind the recent Dreamcast game, Gun Lord, are at it again with the announcement of NEO XYX for the Neo Geo. NG:Dev.Team will be releasing NEO XYX at some point in the future as a shoot ’em up with versions for Neo Geo MVS and AES. NEO XYX features a true vertical scrolling screen as well as six colorful stages six different end bosses. All of this is brought to you in hand-drawn gorgeous 16-bit graphics.

The game is currently still in development and will depend on pre-orders to help finance the game. How much the game is financed might affect how many game modes and other contributing features this game might have. Those that pre-order early will get a discount. NEO XYX is currently expecting a release estimate in early 2013.

No Dreamcast support for this game has been announced. But it does appear this game development company does have the tendency to release Neo Geo games first and then bring them to the Sega Dreamcast. This was very much the case with their recent game, Gun Lord. If this game does end up on the Dreamcast, I will be sure to check it out and give you all my impressions.

Press Release:

Dear customers,

Finally we can show our next upcoming game NEO XYX. NEO XYX is a maniac shooting game. NEO XYX is the first NEOGEO game ever with a true vertical scrolling screen (TATE*)!

The score system is based on medal chaining and a mild rank system. Bombs are build by collecting powerups.

– 6 stages with varied and colorful settings
– 6 end bosses
– 16-bit hand-drawn graphics (dot graphics)
– Switchable between vertical (TATE) and horizontal controls (YOKO)
– Maniac shooting game

A first teaser video can be seen here:

The game will be financed by pre sales; the success of the pre sales determines the size of the game, the amount of game modes and other factors. It’s currently scheduled for early 2013. Early bird orders get a discount.

More details can be found in the shop: and on and

In the beginning the game will be available for NEO GEO MVS and AES.

* Does support both YOKO and TATE controls

Best regards,


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