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Top 10 Nintendo 3DS eShop Games

Top 10 Nintendo 3DS eShop Games


The Nintendo 3DS has been out for more than a year now, and I believe it’s time for me to give what I consider my current top 10 Nintendo 3DS eShop games. This list will only include 3DSWare games. This basically means no Retail games, no Virtual Console games and no DSiWare games. The eShop for the 3DS has a certain reputation with it among gamers, but I believe that even with a lack of VC content, there is no doubt that the 3DS has some truly unique and great original games for the 3DS eShop.

10: Bomb Monkey
This simple block destroying puzzle game is one that shouldn’t be underestimated for how addicting it can be. Did I mention it has a monkey?

This indie game is a great fit with the Nintendo 3DS. With the addition of a save state and added extra custom levels, this game is a blast to play and one that is very hard to put down. The simplicity of it all is what makes it so good. Who knew a game that can have you dieing over 1000 times could lead to such joy.

8: Marvel Pinball
For any pinball lover out there, this is another great game to add to their collection. Even if you are not a Marvel fan, this is a very fun pinball game. The online leaderboards will help you challenge you and your friends to new top spots. The 3D effect does wonders make it feel like you are playing a pinball table in real life.

7: Fractured Soul
Truly a game that could not be possible anywhere else. Literally, this game has it’s own dimension split in half. In order to escape and progress on, you will have to use both screens to navigate obstacles that may be on the top screen but not on the bottom. It’s quick thinking nature on which screen you should focus on is a blast to deal with.

6: The Art of Balance TOUCH!
This game was originally made for the Nintendo Wii’s digital shop and was eventually brought over with an added 100 levels. The addition of more challenges and the great use of 3D effect made this a puzzle game worth owning. The 3D effect is truly one of a kind, as it not only uses depth 3D effects but also pop-out 3D effects.

5: Colors! 3D
Though not a game, this app is a great tool for all artists out there. Even if you are the worst kind of artist there is out there, this app also happens to be a great way to pass the time by doodling anything you want. The online community it brings with it helps to keep you motivated in creating more artwork as well as checking out other wonderful done drawings.

4: Mighty Switch Force
The third of the WayForward’s Mighty series is a great fit here. Using the 3D effect to focus in and out certain blocks in the obstacles is a great addition. Not only that, but the free update that brought several extra hard bonus levels makes this game worth the asking price.

3: Dillon’s Rolling Western
A mix between a tower defense game and adventure game comes with fun and charming western game. It’s your job to set up the towns defense against the evil rock creatures and battle any remaining enemies left who happen to still around. This is not a short game, each town 3-day battles will last you at least an hour each.

2: Mutant Mudds
This is a game made for those who enjoyed those retro platform games from the 8-bit and early 16-bit era. This also happens to be another game that makes use of 3D effect in a great way. With three areas of view, the 3D effect does wonders to help truly paint where in the world you are.

1: Pushmo
There is no denying that Pushmo is the king of all eShop games. This simple little puzzle game is not only fun to play, it’s also a good brain teaser with some of it’s tough puzzles. It’s also the top eShop game to truly show off the 3D effect of the Nintendo 3DS.


  1. i wish i could say that i’d played any of these. i just have a DS still. i would get the 3DS but i’ve heard it messes with your eyes?

  2. The 3D effect can strain your eyes a bit, but you’ll eventually get use to it. Plus, it has a slider to lessen the effect or you can simply not use the 3D at all. Each one of those games are just as great without using the 3D.

  3. You’ll get used to the effect. But it’s no more strain then the effort your eye took to get used to the light in the world after you were born.

    I have really come to like the 3D effect on a good portion of 3DS games.


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