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Home Entertainment Resident Evil 6 Review: A Wonderful Resident Evil Experience
Resident Evil 6 Review: A Wonderful Resident Evil Experience

Resident Evil 6 Review: A Wonderful Resident Evil Experience


Resident Evil 6 Review: A Wonderful Resident Evil Experience

Resident Evil 6
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Resident Evil 6 continues the action/survival horror experience where it seemingly leaves “no hope left” for those caught in the middle of it. In Resident Evil 6 the C-virus has expanded worldwide causing all sorts of chaos in different locations as you fight against different type of zombies and beasts, including some very large creatures that create many interesting situations. The story is familiar, but the experience is completely new. It’s a very enjoyable experience as you learn the story from each character’s point of view and that’s something that I found myself enjoying quite a bit.

You begin Resident Evil 6 by playing a prelude and after those opening sequences you’ll then be able to choose which campaign you’d like to begin with. There are three to choose from; Leon, Chris and Jake. Each campaign features a different perspective on the situation and also ties together situations where characters meet within each campaign. Each experience is completely new until you come across a moment that features one of the other main characters. Still, even when you come across one of those moments it usually doesn’t last long and you’ll have a new viewpoint of that event. So it never feels like it repeats itself except for a few moments in each campaign.

Resident Evil 6 – Gameplay Video (Leon Kennedy)

Once you beat each of the three campaigns you will then be able to unlock and play in a fourth campaign that features the view point of Ada Wong. This adds even more to the story and the enjoyment factor. Each campaign features 5 chapters that take usually over an hour to beat, depending on the difficulty level and how quick you are flying through each area. But, I would imagine that for most people who take their time and remain cautious, it will take them at least an hour and then some. So with each campaign, it will take most people well over 20 hours to beat the game with all four characters. There is certainly a ton of single player value with the game and then some with all the extra content. Plus, you will be able to play co-op with others online and even up to four players at key parts of the game. In the records, it keeps track of each chapter you have completed with each character on all four difficulty levels. So, if you want to complete 100% of the game, you’ll need to beat each chapter with each character on all four difficulty levels.

The gameplay and game itself is a lot of fun, especially as you go through it with each character. Not only does it give you a different perspective on the timeline, but also a different experience and different experience with combat. I started out playing with Leon and that campaign felt like your typical Resident Evil campaign with Leon and Helena on their own as they fight their way through a city full of zombies and then some – basically everything you would expect from a Resident Evil title. It was a good campaign as well and very enjoyable. What is so great about the multiple campaigns is that once I completed Leon’s campaign I started my next campaign with Chris Redfield. This presented a new type of gameplay and a completely new feeling to the game. All of a sudden I am playing a type of military shooter bringing a whole new experience to the gameplay. It was great – a great change-up to what I was doing with Leon and presenting a whole new experience as I explored the different timeline and different enemies and bosses.

Resident Evil 6 – Gameplay Video (Chris Redfield)

The multiple campaigns bring a perfect change of pace which complemented the game so well. The same goes for Jake’s campaign as well. It offers a different point of view that brings forth a different experience in gameplay. I wasn’t sure about the game binding together the story in multiple campaigns, but they did an excellent job with it and it’s a lot of fun to play each one of them. Plus, once you beat each campaign, you can go into the extra features and once again view the cut-scenes along a timeline for each character. Speaking of the cut-scenes, there are a lot of them with a ton of fun and interesting action sequences to enjoy.

That’s also something that each campaign did well. Each campaign had great moments full of action sequences and even some pretty cool ones. This includes moments of total chaos that takes place. You will have to start the game over if you aren’t careful in specific moments of the game. It can be totally crazy at times and then fairly typical, but it’s always a lot of fun to play. Pretty much my only complaint that I had with this game was the camera bugging me ever y now and then. It wasn’t always an issue, but there were times, either in a tight area or when an enemy was right on top of you, that the camera was just a bit of an annoyance. That’s pretty much it for complaints. This game does a very good job in terms of gameplay, the action, the story and providing you with different perspectives to change up the experience.

Resident Evil 6 – Gameplay Video (Jake Muller)

It’s always fun to shoot zombies, but if your ammo is low and you need to save it for a bigger boss, you can always use hand combat. I loved the hand combat and action sequences that went along with that; like stomping on a zombie, jump kicking one, and even picking one up and tossing it away. The overall fight is enjoyable and something to appreciate. So, when you have time, try out a few moves with your hands, while conserving ammo. However, if you continue to shoot everything, there are plenty of crates to break open where you will, hopefully, find more ammo. If not, you’ll at least find experience points that you can use to buy upgrades. Those upgrades will be important as you play on a higher difficulty level, so you may want to collect every point you can find so that you can upgrade your firearm strength and defense.

The multiplayer aspect of the game adds for even more enjoyment and longevity. You can continue to play in the campaign mode by playing co-op with another friend while you strive to achieve the 100% completion with each character. So if someone is playing with Leon, you can jump in with them and play as Helena to complete the campaign as her. You also have the new Agent Hunt mode that allows you to play as a creature during someone else’s game session if they allow for hunters to be available in their campaign session. You’ll have to complete the campaign first to unlock that mode. You also have The Mercenaries mode for you or you and a friend, to defeat as many creatures as possible within the time limit. Each mode provides for a fun Resident Evil experience.

Resident Evil 6 is a great experience that most people should enjoy, but especially the fans. It seems to have it all with each campaign being a unique and fun experience that changes up the way you play the game and even gives you a different feel for the game. Also, each campaign blends really well with each other and provides you with new enemies and boss battles to enjoy. The game looks wonderful as well with each cut-scene that you come across. It also features a decent soundtrack, though the music only stands out on a few occasions. Still, this is a wonderful Resident Evil experience and one to recommend for all.

Score: 9/10

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