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Home Entertainment Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Review: Providing Many Fun Moments
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Review: Providing Many Fun Moments

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Review: Providing Many Fun Moments


Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Review: Providing Many Fun Moments

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 continues to make strides in the right direction regaining its form as a good soccer title. Last year I thought PES 2012 was the best PES title I’ve played in quite a few years. It finally started to be a fun game to play again, feeling like a good game of soccer on the pitch. This year, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 continues to polish what they created last year to become an even more enjoyable soccer experience. It still has a few issues, but the game feels great and provides for many fun moments.

I’m a fan of the English Premier League, so not having all of the teams with the official logos is a slight annoyance to me. You could look to that other soccer title and get that complete authentic experience when it comes to the EPL. However, I still have the full player names and complete customization to edit things to be more realistic. I never had a big problem with the lack of authenticity with PES, but when I found the gameplay to be less than desirable over a span of a few years, I felt PES lost all of its magic. Thankfully beginning last year and continuing on into this year, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 provides you with what it used to do best – it gives you that great soccer gameplay experience. I used to play with those unofficial teams all day long and not mind one bit because of the fun gameplay. That’s back and I am happy to do that once again. Though like I said, I can edit team names to make it more authentic, but it doesn’t bother me one bit because of the enjoyable gameplay.

Now, looking past the EPL, this game offers up a couple of official leagues including the Spanish league, so fans of those leagues can get the full experience and don’t forget about the official licensing of the Champions League and Europa League. There is still plenty of authenticity to have with this title and with further improvements to last year’s version this becomes a fun game of soccer once again. Besides, most of us who enjoy the PES series are often after another Master League experience.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 – Real Madrid vs Barcelona (Master League Mode)

The Master League gives us our own unique soccer experience starting from the depths as we work our way up the ranks to glory. The PES Master League will always be something to treasure and the presentational pieces that it includes allow it to be a good experience. You’ll have meetings to go over the game-plan for the upcoming week and you’ll also have players come in to your office and give you a few words. They are nice touches, but nothing that is really that great – something to improve upon. The Master League is very easy to manage with simple menus for you to make your moves. There isn’t anything off-field that stands out such as transfers and team management – all of the magic happens on the field and revolves around that. There is one thing you can do off field that helps improve your players on field performance and that is shopping for special equipment that you can equip to your players of choice. Once you earn a ton of points over time, you’ll be able to equip most of your team with special equipment and that can also be a game changer.

As I said earlier, the gameplay has much improved over the last couple of years and this year is an improvement over last year. It’s fun, exciting, and full of great goals and fantastic moments on the pitch. This is where the game will win your heart with excitement on the field and simplicity to manage off the field. My only real complaints about the gameplay is that the defense can be slightly difficult to manage and if you aren’t careful you’ll end up letting a forward slip behind you for a goal. I gave up a lot of goals in my opening matches until I learned to play better defense. Of course, for me, playing better defense was by doing everything I could to stay in control of a midfielder instead of trying to control a defender. Besides that, the passing is smooth, the shooting is exciting, and the gameplay is very enjoyable for all. Also, during the last few minutes of the game, be very careful because there seems to be a slight advantage for the trailing team to score a late goal.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 – Manchester United vs Bayern Munich (Champions League Mode)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 delivers a polished and exciting game of soccer for all fans of the series. Now would be a good time to experience the joy of PES and Master League soccer for those who are new to PES or those who haven’t checked it out in a while. But there is much more than that. If you are a fan of the Champions League, you’ll be able to enjoy a lovely Champions League presentation as well, that captures the atmosphere of that wonderful event. This game doesn’t feature the deepest authenticity in the world of football, but it gives you enough to enjoy it no matter who you root for. It simply gives you your own exciting and sometimes high scoring experience.

Score: 8/10

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  1. i bought pes today only problem i have is the defending thats all the diving is much easier than 2012 so pes 113 i think is better than fifa 13


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