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Home Entertainment Medal of Honor Warfighter: The Beta, Linkin Park and Excitement
Medal of Honor Warfighter:  The Beta, Linkin Park and Excitement

Medal of Honor Warfighter: The Beta, Linkin Park and Excitement


Medal of Honor Warfighter: The Beta, Linkin Park and Excitement

Medal of Honor Warfighter is under two weeks away from being released and my excitement continues to grow as this game is stated to provide one of the most realistic military experiences ever realized in video games. Medal of Honor Warfighter, written by actual US Tier 1 operators, is inspired by real locations and operations. I can’t wait to experience the developer’s vision for the game by playing through the single player campaign. As for multiplayer, I’m sure many of you have gotten a taste of what it will offer by enjoying the current beta. For those who haven’t tried the beta, you have until 12:01am on Oct 15th to get all the playing time you need before the beta ends. The Medal of Honor Warfighter beta is available on the Xbox Live marketplace.

Medal of Honor Warfighter – Multiplayer Beta Trailer

I wanted to share a couple of videos with you; this includes a Linkin Park music video for the song “Castle of Glass” which is from their new album Living Things. Linkin Park has teamed up with EA and Danger Close to create a dramatic video that provides you with live action combined with gameplay from Medal of Honor Warfighter. Also, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda has composed musical scores for you to enjoy during your gameplay experience. I look forward to hearing the musical score of the game as I experience the single player campaign and its ambience. But for now you can check out the new music video from Linkin Park below.

Linkin Park – Castle of Glass Music Video

Now that’s not technically associated with the game or something that can get you excited about the gameplay, so below I have posted the latest combat training video on breaching. Also, in case you previously missed it, I have posted the Medal of Honor Warfighter story trailer that should increase your enthusiasm for the release of this game. To simply put it, the game looks great and I can’t wait for the release on October 23rd. Also, there is still time to pre-order, so check out the following offers by pre-ordering the game through select retailers.

Medal of Honor Warfighter – Combat Training: Breaching

Medal of Honor Warfighter – Story Trailer

Be sure to check back soon for complete coverage of the game. I’ll have a full review of the game along with multiple gameplay videos taken from my personal experience with the game.

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