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Home Entertainment Tokyo Jungle Review: Eye Of The Tiger
Tokyo Jungle Review: Eye Of The Tiger

Tokyo Jungle Review: Eye Of The Tiger


Mankind is no more. Sometime in the future, for whatever reason, every last human seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth. What happened to them? Who can tell? Ten years after the mankind has disappeared, Tokyo has been taken back by the jungles. All that is left is the pets who have gone feral in the last few years as they try to survive and fight with each other to reign supreme. With that, the gameplay of Tokyo Jungle for the Playstation 3 is born.

As you might expect, the gameplay of Tokyo Jungle is all about surviving in the now dangerous environment of Tokyo. You will have to eat, claim territories and find a mate to truly survive. As time goes by, your hunger bar will eventually decrease. If it is depleted, your life bar will start to decrease. It will also decrease if attacked or poisoned by the sometimes poisonous environment. If it reaches zero, you will die and it will be game over. To survive this never ending hunger, be sure to attack and devour other animals if you are a carnivore or eat plants if you are herbivore. Eventually you will need to find a mate to produce offspring before you die of old age. Once there are offsprings, the next generation will begin anew with you in control of the baby animal to start over again with increased stats. Not all animals are hostile to you; some will even leave you alone, but be careful to not be seen by others who might try to eat you.

There are two main modes to the game, Story & Survival. In order to unlock the different chapters of Story mode, you will need to complete certain challenges and goals of the Survival mode. This is also where you can unlock additional animals to play. At the very beginning, only the dear and a small dog are available to you. But eventually you can unlock lions and other bigger animals. The Story mode will explain how some of the former pets dealt after the humans were gone and eventually help to reveal what happened to the humans.

In the end, I really recommend everyone try out Tokyo Jungle for the Playstation 3. With so many different types of animals to try out in survival mode, this game will keep you busy for hours upon end. With friends and online leaderboards, this game will keep you busy for a long while.

Rating: 9/10


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