‘The Office’: Amy Ryan’s Return Date Officially Set

Fans of The Office are already up to speed on the fact that Amy Ryan will be returning. So what’s new news? Well fans, finally a set date has arrived!

Thursday, December 9th is the date now confirmed for Amy’s return. And what better way to bring her back for a reunion with Michael Scott (Steve Carell) than the season’s one-hour Christmas episode?!

Want more? Directors and producers have already taken to Twitter to tweet of the special, and with a quote relating to the double episode such as “It’s gonna wreck you, Jackass style.” [tweeted from co-brain of the episode Mindy Kaling], this doubly eppy is sure to be a laugh!

So Office fans – what this great timing? Are you excited she’ll be making a debut just in time for Christmas? Or were you hoping for an earlier [or later] return?


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