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Home Entertainment Angry Birds Trilogy Review: An Incredible Amount Of Addictive Content
Angry Birds Trilogy Review: An Incredible Amount Of Addictive Content

Angry Birds Trilogy Review: An Incredible Amount Of Addictive Content


Angry Birds Trilogy Review: An Incredible Amount Of Addictive Content

Angry Birds Trilogy
Played On: Nintendo 3DS (Also Available on Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3)
Publisher: Activision
Game Type: Puzzle

Angry Birds Trilogy brings Angry Birds to the Nintendo 3DS for the first time. It’s the collection of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio. I previously played a few levels of Angry Birds on my phone, but this is my first complete Angry Birds experience.

Angry Birds Trilogy packs together quite the collection of content that can keep you busy for a very long time. On the back of the box it notes “over 100 hours of addictive gameplay” and I can believe it. I haven’t gotten close to pouring 100 hours into the game, but the amount of levels that there are to play is wonderful. Plus, add in the replayability of over 700 unique levels thanks to online leaderboards which creates even more replay and competitiveness amongst Angry Bird fans. This is easily an ultimate collection for all. The trilogy also features 19 exclusive levels along with new achievements and trophies for you to earn through your time with the game.

The gameplay as you know is very simple yet very addictive. I never found myself to be excited about anything the game offers, but I continued to play for hours while trying to 3 star every level I stumbled upon. Eventually levels became a lot more difficult and I stopped my 3 star run and simply wanted to continue unless I came across a level I liked. It’s always fun to stumble across a level that you have a difficult time with. It’s even more fun when you can’t seem to beat it with all of your birds, except, when on your next attempt, you hit all the right spots and do some major damage while beating the level with birds left over. It’s absolutely addictive gameplay with a decent scoring system that will keep you aiming for higher and higher scores. Also scattered about in specific levels are tokens you can collect to earn achievements and unlock new material. You’ll have to shoot a bird at it to collect, but once you do you can restart the level and attempt to beat it with all your birds instead of having to waste one on a collectable.

It was fun to fully experience Angry Birds for the first time, and the little I played was nothing compared to what each level brought as I dove further into the game. I seriously didn’t know much about Angry Birds before playing this title. I didn’t know there were a number of different birds that were used for different things and how that changed up the gameplay. When I quickly discovered that, I became very impressed. I loved all the different levels and how you need to strategically use each bird in specific areas of the level; such as the exploding birds, which can more easily disrupt concrete compared to the other birds which will just bounce right off. I was also pleasantly surprised by the puzzle design of each obstacle that stood in front of you and how you would use the several unique birds to take down that obstacle and get rid of the pigs. It’s really easy to have a lot of fun with this game and to look for better ways to improve your score the next time you replay a level.

I really enjoyed the presentation of the game as well and it features very nice menus for you to browse. The levels look nice, though I am not impressed by the 3D at all. Still, even though I am not impressed with the 3D, it looks solid and does the job. Which is basically what you can say about the backgrounds and art whether you are enjoying it in 3D or not. The touchscreen is used great for gameplay as you use the stylus to properly aim your bird towards your intended location. You can also slide the stylus up and down to zoom in and out with ease. The touchscreen is used great with this title and that even includes scrolling through the menus as you launch your birds to select menu items. Obviously they made that part easy though… just to make sure that is clear.

Angry Birds Trilogy is obviously addictive and has a mightily impressive amount of content that will keep you busy for a very long, long time. It’s great to play the regular Angry Birds and it’s even more fun to take a break from that and hit up Angry Birds Seasons during the holiday season. There is no shortage of fun, competition, and replayability in this game. If you are like me and never dove into Angry Birds, now would be a good time to sling your way into the action on your 3DS. I know there is a price difference between buying them on your mobile device and the 3DS, and the amount of exclusive content may not impress some people, but it’s still a great game and you won’t find anything wrong with it on the 3DS.

Score: 8.5/10

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