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Home Entertainment The Walking Dead GameStop Exclusive Collector’s Edition Information
The Walking Dead GameStop Exclusive Collector’s Edition Information

The Walking Dead GameStop Exclusive Collector’s Edition Information


The Walking Dead GameStop Exclusive Collector’s Edition Information

The Walking Dead video game is set to have a GameStop exclusive Collector’s Edition that will be made available for Pre-Order only. Not only is it set for pre-order only, but the Collector’s Edition is extremely limited, so if you have interest in this special set, it would be wise to get on top of it immediately. The Walking Dead Collector’s Edition is priced at $69.99 and will be available on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It comes with The Walking Dead Compendium One that features exclusive cover art from Charlie Adlard. This includes over 1,000 pages collecting from the first 48 issues of Robert Kirkman’s award winning comic book series and puts it all into one awesome paperback collection.

Featuring cover art exclusive to the Collector’s Edition, this is the first 48 issues of the fan-favorite, New York Times Best Selling series collected into one massive paperback collection! Over one thousand pages chronicle the beginning of Robert Kirkman’s Eisner Award-winning continuing story of survival horror- from Rick Grimes waking up alone in hospital, to him and his family seeking solace on Hershel’s farm, and the controversial introduction of Woodbury despot: The Governor.

The Walking Dead Collector’s Edition will of course feature episodes 1 through 5. If you are like me and have yet to get into the video game series, now would be an excellent time to do so. This looks to be a great collector’s item for fans of the series. Heck, even if you are not a fan of video games and love the show, this may still be a nice collector’s item for you, just to say you have it!

The Walking Dead will also have a standard edition that will be available at the target release date of December, 4th 2012 in North America. The standard edition will retail at $29.99 for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Walking Dead is a critically-acclaimed adventure horror game set in Robert Kirkman’s award-winning universe. Beginning when Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes is still in a coma, this is a new story telling the tale of Lee Everett – a man given a second chance at life in a world of the undead.

If you have an interest in playing the series now, it’s available through digital download on the Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network, and Steam. The latest episode, Episode 4: Around Every Corner had just recently released as well. Lee Everett has difficulty with the management of the group’s tensions as they rise with the continuous threat of the undead lurking nearby. This keeps things difficult as he must also protect an 8 year old girl by the name of Clementine who is in search for her parents in the wake of the undead plague. Episodes 1 through 4 are available for digital download at $4.99 apiece.

Leading games publication Game Informer says Telltale’s game series is, “Gripping, emotionally-charged, and completely blindsiding – The Walking Dead is one of the most talked about releases this year,” while British national newspaper The Independent said that episode three, “moves the series beyond the merely great, to the downright essential.” Yahoo! Games also said that it featured “…one of the most breathtaking in-game moments we’ve ever experienced,” while The New York Times said of episode one, “…moments have more sadness and subtlety in them than other games muster in 40 hours.”

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