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Home Entertainment Forza Horizon: There’s A Shooting Star on The Horizon… Seriously!
Forza Horizon: There’s A Shooting Star on The Horizon… Seriously!

Forza Horizon: There’s A Shooting Star on The Horizon… Seriously!


Forza Horizon: There’s A Shooting Star on The Horizon…Seriously!

Well, as you saw yesterday, I scored Forza Horizon 9.5 out of 10. I focused on the main parts of the game and even mentioned how great the open world is to explore. However, instead of going into more detail about that in the review, I thought it would be fun to have a separate article that focuses on the open world and all of the “goofing” around that you can do. So pretty much, here is an article that is focused on the less serious side of Forza Horizon.

I absolutely love racing games and the Forza series is no exception – a series that now includes the open world of Colorado. I love being able to explore in Forza Horizon. There are many items to find and collect, a lot of traffic to dodge, other drivers to race against, and speed traps and zones to test your high speed capabilities that will be sent to the leaderboards. There is a lot to the open world gameplay, but when it comes to racing games, I like to take a less serious side to the gameplay and goof around. What’s great about Forza Horizon is that I am no longer constricted to a single course, but now have a whole world to try and jump to new heights, similar to what you see in the picture below.

Now in Forza Horizon, even though it is an open world, there are a lot of points that still keep you on a basic course. However, there are also areas where you can have all kinds of fun and find many ways of “jumping” around. One of those ways is by visiting the local golf course and taking your high speed vehicle of choice out on the back nine. That’s probably the best place for it and there isn’t much else like it in the game. Still, you’ll want to come in from a road at high speeds in order to hit the course just right, otherwise you won’t get nearly as much speed to make the entire “jumping” experience worth it. Here is a video of me driving in to the golf course from one of the better roads that line you up for a jump.

Obviously there is a ton of messing around that you can do on the golf course. Another thing that is great about the online play is that you can join friends in the open world and drive around together. This means you can try to go head-on with your friends and time a spot just right to make the jump even crazier. Crazy is obviously the idea behind this article, but as I said, it’s just another way to goof around in a game that you can easily spend hundreds of hours in. I can be a very serious racer when it comes to racing games, but there becomes a moment in time where you just want to see what else is possible.

Another thing you’ll notice is that on many occasions you’ll struggle to avoid the oncoming traffic. Now I love that there is oncoming traffic in this game, it makes it more exciting and causes you to swerve to perfection in a race, otherwise you’ll probably be tapping the Y button to rewind. When you do accidently hit an oncoming car, more often than not they’ll just slide off to the side. However, you may come across moments where things get a little crazy and you end up sending the oncoming car flying to the moon. It hasn’t happened often for me, in fact, it’s only happened three times during my review process. But, if you do catch a car just right, this is what you could see.

Another thing that’s a lot of fun about exploring the open world is simply driving throughout at super high speeds. I found one road in particular in a small downtown area which I liked, that is both fun and challenging to drive as fast as possible through the downtown area without hitting anything. With small one lane roads and a lot of trees, it’s a difficult task to perform, but it sure is fun to try. The video below shows it best, and I still failed at the end, but that’s an example of other fun things that can come about as you play through the game.

You’ll have many high speed and high flying moments, and there are areas that if you hit them at the right speeds you can jump and roll quite a bit. Some of those will actually find you. The whole point of this article is that the open world is massive, it’s huge and it takes time to travel, even when you are on the highway going 250+ miles per hour. I’m sure there will be others that find new areas to get some hang time from above and I look forward to seeing what it is they do find. It’s always fun to see flying cars, especially when it’s not supposed to happen.

One more thing to make note of is that the video replay and photo taking ability in the game creates an even more fun experience when dealing with craziness, allowing for high flying photo shoots. Obviously with those photos, I was able to angle the images just right to make a cool looking photo. So you definitely have that to look forward to in this “crazy high flying arcade racer!”

Finally, I would like to share with you one last photo that I captured while I was star gazing one night. I was able to capture this shooting star on camera, or should I say it…shooting car! It’s a shooting star car in the Colorado skies that folks visiting the Horizon Festival may have seen!

This video shows you how I created the shooting star.

Alright, silliness is over now, back to serious gaming! By the way – follow me on Twitter for more possible crazy gameplay pictures! @CaffeinatedGamr

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