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Home Entertainment FIFA Soccer 13 Review: Taking Another Step Forward In New And Wonderful Ways
FIFA Soccer 13 Review: Taking Another Step Forward In New And Wonderful Ways

FIFA Soccer 13 Review: Taking Another Step Forward In New And Wonderful Ways


FIFA Soccer 13 Review: Taking Another Step Forward In New And Wonderful Ways

FIFA Soccer 13
Played On: Xbox 360
Publisher: EA Sports
Game Type: Sports

FIFA Soccer 13 is here and it takes another step forward in many new and wonderful ways. The first thing you will notice is that the menus look sharper, or at least improved over last year. I say that because they look different, but I do like them. The presentation and atmosphere it creates in the game has improved which will get you more fired up about those upcoming big matches. The presentation and the entire game takes strides forward yet again and it really feels top notch giving you that complete and authentic experience.

The gameplay in FIFA Soccer 13 is once again a new experience and continues to improve. The first place that you’ll see improvements is in the passing as it isn’t as easy as it used to be. The passing game is just one of the new changes to the gameplay. Precision passing will not occur as often as it used to. Even though the computer may still work the ball around on you and control the possession often, there is now more potential for mistakes to happen thereby forcing errant passes. First-touch control is the new system introduced that cause’s poor ball control to happen. If you pass the ball more forcibly or have a less accurate pass, you’ll have the first touch performance of the player receiving the ball not handle the pass as well, leaving defenders with a better opportunity to steal or intercept the ball. This is a huge change to the game making it feel even more natural now. The simulation style of gameplay continues to rise with FIFA and it’s great.

FIFA Soccer 13 – Liverpool vs Everton (Gameplay Video)

That is one of the big changes and here is another – an all new positioning intelligence that gives you a better opportunity to read players and set up attacking options. Never have I been able to see the play unfold as much as I have with FIFA Soccer 13. This is another incredible step forward for the series as it really improves the feel of what is happening on the field. You can see your players move off their defenders and get into a more open space for you to pass it to them. It’s not always as easy as it sounds. I still mess up passes and the new one-touch ability will show up in this situation as well. But the plays you can set up and create are some of the same magical plays that you see on the real soccer pitch. When you see a play unfold and create those opportunities for quick, one touch passes to set up a shot on goal, it just makes you smile – even if you don’t score! The feeling and opportunities you can create in attacking situations are better than ever.

Another thing I must say about the gameplay is that I have struggled more this year than ever before when playing defense. It’s difficult at times and sometimes I get forced into stupid mistakes, but mistakes aside, it’s still not easy to defend and it’ll take you some time to improve. The physical play is more present though while defending. You can use your size and hands to push and pull attackers into making mistakes. Be careful though, because I’ve been caught pulling players down and getting a yellow card. That’s one thing that’s nice to see in this game is that you can actually tug a player down to the ground, not that you want to do it… all of the time. It’s also funny to see the players stumble over each other when it happens, except for one time where I had two of my defenders fall over each other giving an attacker a free ride into the box. That was fun…

The same modes you enjoy are back and just as good as before if not even better. Touchups have occurred in many areas and even new features are noticeable throughout. This includes what has always been my favorite mode to play, the career mode. What’s new about career mode is that you can coach your team as well as an international team. You’ll be able to compete in friendlies, qualifiers and major tournaments with a national team. This is a fun new addition to career mode and something that makes a big difference. This creates more time that goes into building your career, more excitement and a change of pace during the season – it’s great! Another new feature to career mode is the transfer market. It has a new look and feel to how it works with a better set-up. Find the player, place a bid, sign off on it and then sign the player to a contract. It sounds the same, but it is presented better. You’ll also be dealing with the board more often this year and it’s not to just request additional funds and make promises to why you should get those funds. If you are not careful, you could find yourself packing your bags mid-season if you fail to meet expectations. So make sure your team stays on top of their game, otherwise you should fear the board!

FIFA Soccer 13 – Manchester United vs Chelsea – FA Cup Final (Gameplay Video)

FIFA Soccer 13 does a lot to make it another year that you should own the latest FIFA title from EA Sports. This includes EA Sports Football Club and EA Sports Football Club Match Day where you get to partake in challenges that reflect on real life situations in the football world. I’ve also had fun with Seasons mode where you play in 10 game seasons online to fight for promotion to higher level divisions. It has a nice menu presentation this year that keeps track of all your stats and it also keeps track of your trophies in the new trophy cabinet. I love this feature for playing online matches and it’s even more fun now that you get to play for trophies along with your promotion run. There are many modes to appreciate and play, both online and single player. It’s another year of great football action and I would easily suggest diving into it.

Score: 9/10

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