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Home Entertainment Street Fighter X Tekken Review: Get Ready To Build Your KO Monument
Street Fighter X Tekken Review: Get Ready To Build Your KO Monument

Street Fighter X Tekken Review: Get Ready To Build Your KO Monument


Street Fighter X Tekken Review: Get Ready To Build Your KO Monument

Street Fighter X Tekken
Played On: PlayStation Vita
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Fighting

Street Fighter X Tekken brings together two dominate forces in the fighting genre and mashes them together in this one title. Whether you are a Street Fighter fan or Tekken fan, a lot of your favorite characters are here to battle it out, featuring 55 playable characters – 38 core characters, 5 PS3 exclusive characters and 12 characters via a free downloadable code from the PlayStation Vita version. Street Fighter X Tekken also features cross play allowing PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 owners to battle it out online. It’s pretty cool to see the PS3 controller next to an opponent’s name in an online lobby with your Vita controller next to your name. There are many new modes and features available that will get fans of the fighting genre excited!

Street Fighter X Tekken is a great package deal for the fighting fan featuring your basic single player modes. Also included is arcade mode, where you get to watch the story unfold and a new mode called Burst Kumite, a mode that is an endless battle. For those who need to freshen up on their fighting techniques, much like I had to do, a lot, there is a training mode for you and a challenge mode. The challenge mode features 3 gameplay types that include trail, mission and tutorial – All great modes for learning and challenging yourself. Then of course you have the online play which is great, especially for those of you who are much better at fighting others than I am.

When it comes to fighting games, I do my best to learn the techniques, but I don’t seem to be able to do as well when I play against other opponents. So, playing online is a challenge, but this game still makes it a fun experience, especially when you start putting together some wins. First of all, it has a basic ranked match for you to go up against someone, but then it also features two other modes called Endless Battle and Scramble Battle. Endless battle lets you gather in a lobby with several players and the winners will move on. Scramble is more interesting, where four players fight at the same time in teams of two. Both are a nice touch to have on the online play, but for me, I stuck with the ranked matches and worked on my leaderboard ranking.

One thing that will get a lot of attention is the customization options. You’ll be able to customize your player profile, your gem unit, combos and character’s appearance. Changing my character’s appearance is something that is always fun, whether it’s a new outfit or just changing up the color. It’s nice to personalize it to your liking and then fight with that character in both single and online play. Also, you can make additional gem and costume purchases on the PlayStation Network Store for 99 cents, giving you something more if the few available options are not enough.

The gameplay can be a lot of fun with good combat, fun combos and special attacks. I especially like performing the special attacks with each character (who wouldn’t), but it is fun to pull-off and see the visuals change for that special attack. It’s also the same thing I say about all fighting games – find the character that fits your style the best and run with it. With 55 characters, each with their own strengths, the gameplay should be enjoyable for you as well. For me, I stuck with my favorite character from Tekken, Alisa and also rolled with Pac-man, though I’m not sure he did me many favors. The gems change things up a bit as well. You can select different gems for use during battle, gems that give you an increasing percentage in either attacking abilities or defensive. That’s one of those things you will spend time customizing to your needs based upon your attack style.

Visually the presentation is quite nice in its artistic style. The backgrounds for each level were just alright, but nothing that stood out too much. I really enjoyed the music to the game as I browsed through the menus and fought. There are a ton of extra features including the soundtrack as you browse through and select your favorite tracks. Also, you’ll be able to see a gallery full of un-lockable videos and you’ll be able to mess around with AR capabilities with your favorite characters.

I must say that my overall experience with the game was very good; it has a lot of great features that includes your battle profile where you can select a title (banner) and comment for you to take to your online battles. This game can be user friendly as well, so those of us who are not the biggest fighters out there will have a good time still. However, and as it should, the game caters to the biggest fans of the fighting genre. Online modes will keep you busy for a very long time, especially with being able to collect trophies for your KO monument – that’s a great feature; I only wish I was able to add more to it. And speaking of that, you can always make sure you play against similar ranking players so that you always have a good time and never get humiliated.

Street Fighter X Tekken is a good game to add to your Vita collection, especially those who enjoy fighting titles. This isn’t my favorite fighting game this year, but as far as fighting games go on the Vita, it just might be at the moment. For those who like to make use of the touchscreen, it does feature touchscreen controls as well to use. Overall, there is a lot to keep you busy here for a long time and plenty for you to master.

Score: 8.5/10

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