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Okami HD Review: A Fun And Colorful Adventure

Okami HD Review: A Fun And Colorful Adventure


Okami HD Review: A Fun and Colorful Adventure

Okami HD
Platform: PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Adventure

Okami HD brings back the beauty from the original Okami, but now looks even more incredible in HD. I have to admit that I’ve only heard about the great things from the original, having not experienced it firsthand, but my recent foray into the Okami HD world allows me to witness in full HD just how incredible and colorful this game looks. Okami HD really is a piece of art. It’s all about art, visually and in your gameplay experience. You help return the beauty in this game and watch as the colorfulness of nature returns to the world as you free it from a curse and completely rid it from evil. You’ll fall in love with the art direction and colorful style that Okami HD offers the player. Like I said, I didn’t experience the original game and I am sure it looked great as well, but I am so glad that my first experience is in HD because this game and it’s artful direction looks amazing.

In Okami HD you play the role of a mutt… a snowball… furball? How about a pooch or a furry friend? These are all great names that you hear while you play the role of a sun goddess who takes the form of a legendary wolf who has come back to help save the world once again. It’s been 100 years since evil has last shown its face and now, once again, you must restore the wolf’s power with the help of other gods and must also regain the trust of the people. There are many cursed zones throughout the world that you must revive and relinquish the grasp that evil has on them. You do this by solving puzzles and fighting enemies, but most importantly, with the use of your celestial brush – the source of all your power. This brush allows you to do things such as strike down enemies by drawing lines on the screen and to bring sun back to the land that’s in darkness. You will also be able to restore beauty and life to a barren land, among other things.

Okami HD Launch Trailer

The celestial brush is your source of power and as you explore in this game you’ll come across many challenges that you must face. You’ll also fight against many enemies with a good combination of attack moves and the use of your brush. I loved the combat and the use of the brush by drawing a line over the enemy to swipe at them. It seems like a really simple idea, but the combination of the action button and the brush is a great one. While the game starts off slow as it details for you a rich story with background knowledge, the game will progress and provide you with a lot of good action and challenge. Never have I had so much fun with a paint brush before, whether you use the basic PS3 controller or the move controller. The gameplay is adventurous and just absolutely lovely. It takes a minute to get into the game, but once you do, you will be addicted.

There is plenty to keep you busy as you progress in Okami HD. You will earn praise along the way and that can be used to improve character options in the start menu. You’ll have items to use for a number of things including feeding random animals along the way. You’ll have different equipment to use as special powers and you’ll even come across a dojo where you can learn new abilities. As I said before, you’ll be using your brush for a number of things such as striking enemies, creating a sun, returning things back to a natural or working state and many other things. It lists all of these capabilities in the start menu, in case you forget, so you can go and look at all your abilities and how to draw them on the screen. Everything is set-up nicely for you and for your enjoyment of the game. Also, while you are playing the game and you don’t move for a minute, the cute little furball will lie down and take a nap. I know… that’s important, right?

I really loved everything about this game. It’s a fun and colorful adventure in which I love restoring the land to its natural beauty and freeing it from the curse. There are many areas to explore and you should enjoy almost every step of the way. Because of the lovely looking art, the great visuals and wonderful colors, I can’t imagine anyone not falling in love with this game. Like I said, I never played the original, but I think it’s safe to say that it was such a smart move to bring this game back in HD. I should note that I actually enjoyed using the PS3 controller more than the move controller, but both still work fine. Okami HD is available for $19.99 on the PlayStation Network store and it’s worth every penny.

Score: 9/10

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