Nintendo Wii U Game Impressions

Since the Wii U has come out on Sunday, I have played several games for it. Heck, I still have many more to play that I haven’t even tried yet. But for now, here are some impressions for the games I have tried so far. I will rank the games in order of most played.

Little Inferno (eShop $14.99)
I was a huge fan of World of Goo when it came out for the original Nintendo Wii. So I have been looking forward to this game ever since it was announced many months ago, even if I wasn’t always sure what it was. Turns out it’s a game about setting things on fire to keep warm. Mix that with the humor that was from World of Goo and you have a real fun game. I found myself addicted to this game with its quirky humor and strange and wonderful things you could set fire to. One of the main goals is to make certain combos by setting groups of items on fire. For example Movie Night medal is awarded for setting on fire the TV set and a corn on the cob.

New Super Mario Bros U
New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS, while still fun, was kinda boring and without much life to it. New Super Mario Bros U for the Wii U is luckily full of life. Not only is this game fun to play, but also a wonder to look at. Though the gameplay is similar to the New Super Mario Bro series, the whole game is generally influenced by Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World. I have come to realize that the off-play Gamepad experience is one of its best features. Each night I have been enjoying playing the game completely on the Wii U’s Gamepad in my bed even though the system is downstairs.

If you didn’t know already, this game is a true survival horror game. In fact, it is generally better to avoid the zombies then to try to take them on. The game goes on to make it so you want to avoid the zombies. A good portion of the game I ended up not wanting to go into the next room in case there were zombies. If you end up dying in the game, your character is gone for good. You will end up being re-spawn as a new character to start over. Except for any goals you achieved, all your weapons and items will be gone. This really makes you want to be caucus of being reckless. If you do die however, you do have the chance to track down your former infected-self and retrieve your items again. It isn’t too hard staying alive when dealing with one zombie, but when faced with 3 or more, you better run or have a shotgun or grenade. If you’re looking for a good survival horror game, I very much recommend this game.

Scribblenauts Unlimited
This was my first time playing a Scribblenauts game, and I am enjoying it so far. The things you can create to solve puzzles are pretty creative and open to suggestions. From what I’ve played so far, this is a fun game. Being able to change objects and apply new words to object to change them is pretty fun.

Nano Assault Neo (eShop $9.99)
This twin stick shooter is gorgeous, let me tell you. I am amazed at how this game looks not only on the TV, but on the gamepad alone. It amazed me that the smallest game I own is the largest in terms of visuals. But of course, the game isn’t totally about looks. It’s also about the fun and rampant fast gameplay as you try to take down all the little viruses that are trying to kill you. I look forward to beating the game.

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive (eShop $9.99)
My least played game so far is this one. From what I have experienced, this game looks good in re-drawn HD sprites. I do miss the 3D, but the HD looks and sound do make up for it. Like its 3DS version, this one is a fun little platformer.


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