Survival Tips For Nintendo Wii U’s ZombiU

I have been playing ZombiU quite a bit lately. Even after beating the game, I have been going back for more in Survival mode – a difficult mode where if you die, it’s gameover completely. After all this time playing the game, I have finally got a survival in Survival Mode that is still alive after 6 hours. Will I be able to complete the game in survival mode? Only time will tell. But for the mean time, I have some tips and suggestions for fellow ZombiU players out there looking for some suggestions on how best to stay alive and beat back those hordes.

  • Always keep a health item, preferably a medkit, in one of your open slots to be used quickly when needed.
  • It’s best to keep a flare or molotov cocktail handy in one of your open slots as well. This can save your butt in a pinch if you are being overrun by a horde.
  • The cricket bat may seem like it’s slow, but it’s faster than you think. As long as you don’t miss, any zombie you hit with your bat will take longer to recover then it will take you to swing again. So don’t worry if it looks like you might get bitten cause of the slow bat swings.
  • Even if you have plenty of ammo, if there is only 1 zombie, use your cricket bat. It’s better to conserve ammo and quietly take out a zombie instead. Plus, if there are any others nearby, this will help not disturb them.
  • Be sure to think first before swinging your bat against an unexpected zombie. There are a few types of zombies in this game that will explode if you strike them. Pushing them away with the bat or a gun is fine, but never ever kill them when they are up close. I won’t spoil what these zombies are, but you will clearly see that they might just explode when you see them.
  • Your survival has the ability to ping the area to see if there are any zombies around you. You eventually get an upgrade that makes it ping the area constantly later on, but until then be sure to ping the area often.
  • That sonar ping will only detect anything that is active and moving about. This includes rats and birds. So those big clump group of dots may just be rats or a horde looking for some tasty human food. Any zombie that happens to be playing dead won’t register on your radar map. Since they are laying down, be sure to bash in their heads just in case. Obviously don’t do that for any exploding zombies.
  • Stick to 1 type of gun at a time. Along with several different guns, the game also gives you similar guns of the same type. It just wastes a spot having it in your inventory when it would be better to have another gun or ammo in its place.
  • Use the crossbow as often as you can. This is one of the best weapons to have in the game. Not only can you zoom up to 4x, but it is quiet, good at 1 shot kills, and you can retrieve your ammo from dead zombies. As long as there was no loud sound made, any zombies around the one you just killed won’t really budge an inch. This basically becomes an unlimited use weapon if used correctly.
  • Stick to only 2 or 3 weapons, outside of the cricket bat, at a time. It’s too much to carry a bunch of weapons and no ammo. This is especially true if you have not found the bigger back packs yet.
  • Be sure to make use of your supply box at the Safe House. Storing extra med kits or weapons can later become useful down the line. It’s better to waste 10 minutes heading back to your save house and placing some items in it then just throwing them away when you might need them a few hours from now. This will also come in handy in case you die in Normal mode.
  • Be sure to always scan your current area for any items that might be lurking about. Some items are well hidden. This will also help determine where potential zombies might be hiding as well.
  • Planks. They are useless. Don’t use them. They might seem like they are useful, but really they just waste space. They may slow zombies down, but unless a zombie is chasing you, zombies don’t wonder around. So again, don’t pick them up.
  • Turn off your light when you are near a zombie, they will be attracted to it. However, do use it to drag 1 away at a time so you can kill it and thin the group down.
  • If you are near a fire, try to drag a few zombies near it. Then push them with your bat into it. Just be sure to only push the ones not on fire into it. I noticed that the zombies on fire are a lot harder to push. This can help you keep things quite while getting rid of a few zombies.
  • Flare + Grenade (or molotov cocktail) can be your best friend at times. If you see a horde or large group of zombies around, use the flare to attract them to one spot and use a grenade or a molotov cocktail on them. Grenade will be better as it will actually be sure to kill them all.
  • Your weapons can be improved over time- both through skill increase and upgrades. Special items are found throughout the game that will make them stronger and killing X zombies per weapon type will increase its skill level – making it both stronger and better to use. So stick to 1 or 2 main weapons at a time.
  • Add lots of friends on your Wii U system. This is one of the more popular Wii U games currently, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding others who are playing it. When a friend of yours dies in the game, their last survival and any loot they might have had will enter your game where they died. This will become the perfect opportunity to grab some extra ammo or medkits or whatever they might have had. The score above them will help you indicate if they have anything useful.
  • Keep calm. This may seem a silly tip, but during the heat of the moment with several zombies coming at you with the creepy music increasing its volume, you might have the tendency to get nervous and die. Do your best to keep calm and you should do alright.


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