Nano Assault Neo Review: A Wonderful and Gorgeous Experience on the Wii U

Nano Assault Neo Review: A Wonderful and Gorgeous Experience on the Wii U

Nano Assault Neo
Platform: Wii U (eShop)
Genre: Shooter

Nano Assault Neo is a shooter available on the Nintendo Wii U eShop and is a sequel to the 3DS title Nano Assault. The original Nano Assault was and still is my favorite game on the Nintendo 3DS, so you can imagine how excited I was once I learned of a sequel coming to the Wii U. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that it uses both analog sticks, as the 3DS version did not. This makes the control feel much more natural and makes the game that much more exciting.

Nano Assault Neo features a single player mode with four cell clusters to shoot your way through and rid of the Nanostray virus. Each cluster features four levels with the last one being a boss fight. You’ll notice right away as you play how smooth the game feels and how gorgeous it looks. It really creates a fun gameplay environment that you can enjoy over and over again. The enemies are also great and provide for some new experiences that improve upon the gameplay. I was thrilled by each level in the game, including the boss fights, which were enjoyable, however, I still think something was missing as each boss was fairly easy to defeat.

Nano Assault Neo – Single Player Mode: Epsilon Cluster

The overall difficulty of Nano Assault Neo is up there a little bit, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble if you play cautiously. Once you get a good feel for the game, you will fly through the single player mode fairly quickly at which time you will unlock a Survivor mode which adds to even more excitement and fun, especially for enhancing your online rankings. Survivor mode, like every mode, features online leaderboards for you to attempt high score runs. Once again, like the original Nano Assault, Nano Assault Neo has a great scoring system to learn and enjoy as you attempt to outrank your friends and everyone else.

The scoring system mixed with great gameplay is easily something to get caught up in and enjoy. This was the same for Nano Assault and it returns once again throughout all modes on Nano Assault Neo. This time there are some new features as well, including a bonus round which handles like a runner. Basically, you move through a tunnel and collect as many items as you can without hitting anything. You obtain access to the bonus round by collecting the letters B, O, N, U and S, while playing through the main game. Also, in the main game are Nano Shop coins to collect that you can purchase items such as an extra life, a better multiplier for your high score runs, different special weapons and more. The strategy is still the same when it comes to the scoring system, but the single player scoring system for that particular leaderboard is very enjoyable this time around. Arcade mode still works the same as you pick a single level to play and do your best to get a high score on that leaderboard, while the single player combines the entire cluster.

Nano Assault Neo – Arcade Mode: Epsilon 1 – High Score Run

One of my major disappointments about Nano Assault Neo is the boss levels; there are no segments within the boss level leading up to the boss fight. In Nano Assault, you had your basic “ground” levels like what you see with Nano Assault Neo and on the final level of each cluster you would have the “flying” missions that lead up to the boss fight. Those were some of my favorite missions and moments with Nano Assault and the fact that they are not present in Nano Assault Neo is very disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I still love everything about the game and what it offers now, but I wish it had those moments as well at the end of each cluster. Still, you can add this game to my favorites list as it is another fine experience. My last complaint is in reference to the camera angles that the game sometime takes on you. It can feel a little awkward at times and be difficult to manage, but it’s not horrible.

Nano Assault Neo offers up wonderful gameplay, beautiful visuals and a fantastic scoring system for hours and hours of high score runs. It’s a truly great game to have on the Wii U and I recommend it to anyone needing something else to play on the Wii U. It can also be played with just the GamePad if the TV is occupied, so for those who loved the 3DS version it’s almost like you can have another Nano Assault handheld experience.

I love this game and I will see you on the leaderboards!

Score: 9/10