Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions

The latest Dead Space game, Dead Space 3, is just around the corner. I got the chance to play the Xbox 360 demo and can now see what the final game will likely be like. From playing the game itself, it certainly looks, controls and sounds like a normal Dead Space type of game. But does it play like a Dead Space game? If you were worried that the series might have gotten off the wrong foot, then no need to worry anymore, because it hasn’t. From what I can tell from playing the demo, it certainly seems like we’re in for another Dead Space game.

The first thing I noticed about the game was the change up to the number of weapons you could hold onto at once. Unlike the previous games where you could hold up to four different weapons in your inventory, now you can only hold two. Though this limit may just be for the demo itself or for the section of the game it takes place in. I had a few extra weapons and I could only choose the left or right slot. Another change is the concept of “nodes” for power ups are now gone. Instead they are replaced with materials you get from around the game and from the necromorphs themselves. These materials will be used to power up your weapons and suit abilities. I found that hunting for nodes may have been more fun, but actual results from using materials is most likely for the better.

The work bench where you previously upgraded your weapons has also been heavily modified and updated itself. There are several new things here you can do, such as building brand new weapons. If you have enough materials, you can build new weapons. You can even replace and add on to existing weapons to make them better. Don’t like the current alt-fire of your weapon? Just change it out with something better. Of course you can also build ammo as well as increase the weapon stats. The weapon added stats are completely custom allowing you to choose how much you want to modify it and in what area. For example you can modify the power alone or split it with firing speed.

All in all, I enjoyed what I saw and played. The new and more deadly necromorphs where fun to see as well as the boss events were exciting and had my blood pumping. So I am still looking forward to Dead Space 3.

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