Fire Emblem: Awakening Demo Impressions

The upcoming game, Fire Emblem: Awakening, for the Nintendo 3DS got a demo released on the eShop last week. Before the game arrived in stores early next month, I decided to try out the demo to see what the game will be all about. This is also my very first time playing Fire Emblem, so if you’re curious about the game keep on reading to see what I have to say about the demo.

The demo itself contains two small sections, the Prologue and Chapter One. In all, it took me about an hour to complete the demo. In that time I have come to understand how the game plays and get a glimpse of the game’s plot. The game revolves around you, someone who is awoken in the middle of a field with no memory of who you are or even where you are. After being brought into town, the main action essentially starts immediately. The game show you enough of the plot to get a glimpse of things to come in the game and will make you want to come back for more.

Since this is a strategy role playing game, there is a plenty of strategy involved when deciding your actions. Positioning your characters in the right place and the right time becomes crucial. Each of your allies has different weapons and skills it can use to complete the mission. The standard attack will let you attack first and then the enemy will hit you right back as well, assuming you didn’t destroy them that is. Some characters, like those that can deal magic damage or archers can attack while 2 moves away without taking damage. Of course, depending on the attack itself and the weapon used, there is always a chance of missing. Overall the pace and action found in the battles were fun and nicely challenging.

In the end, I quite enjoyed the demo and I am now looking forward to its release next month. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to open the eShop on your Nintendo 3DS at some point to download it. The visuals, 3D effect and music were all enjoyable as well and did not distract from the game. Since the demo is free, you might as well download it and try it out.


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