escapeVektor Vita Review: A Modern Pac-Man

Platform: 3DS, Vita (Reviewed)
Publisher: Nnooo
Genre: Arcade

A little over a month ago I had the pleasure of playing escapeVektor on the 3DS. If you have not already seen it, I gave it very high praise. When you boil the different elements down, escapeVektor is essentially a modern day Pac-Man with amazing music and addicting gameplay. But that was for the Nintendo 3DS version. Does the same hold true for the Playstation Vita version?

The game follows Vektor, who is trapped inside your Playstation Vita and is enslaved to do every bit of the CPU’s dirty work. With your help, he might just be able to unlock his past memories and escape the prison. As you progress throughout the game, you finally learn how he got to where he is now and just how evil this CPU really is.

As I said before, this game is essentially a modern arcade style game of Pac-Man. To complete a level, you need to successfully go over all the unmarked lines while avoiding the different swarms of enemies sent to destroy you. As the game progresses, you will unlock new abilities as well get upgrades to your current abilities. Your main abilities include the ability to boost for a short period and the nice ability to destroy all around you. Eventually you unlock better boost abilities and a great storage to hold the boost and bomb abilities. Of course, you’re not the only one who gets upgraded. Along with the levels eventually throwing tricks in your path, the enemies also start to become upgraded with some chasing you instead of their usual set paths as well others that will undo any of your marked lines. All together, this makes for one awesome and at times insane arcade like game setting. If that wasn’t enough, beyond the four chapters filled with a lot of levels comes a huge amount of extra bonus worlds and online leaderboards.

The game has a simplistic look going for it, and that is a good thing. Where the 3DS used the 3D effect to help make the game look amazing, the Vita version benefits by the beautiful OLED screen. The game looks truly stunning on the Vita. While the 3DS used the bottom screen to show you what is below you, Vita gives you the use of gyroscope sensors to allow you to look around the level. This becomes very handy as you try to quickly turn corners. Not only does the game look amazing, but it also sounds amazing. The music specifically is one of it’s best features. The grooving music really makes each stage addictive and really makes you want to continue on to the next level instead of calling it quits for the day. Overall, this game not only plays great, it also looks and sounds great.

In the end, I really recommend this game to everyone. Like the 3DS version, this game is a lot of fun and has plenty of content to last you for a long while. Being an arcade game in general will also help to prolong the experience. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to pick up escapeVektor on the Playstation Vita immediately.

Rating: 10/10


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