ATV Wild Ride 3D is Finally Coming to the eShop Next Week!

ATV Wild Ride 3D is Finally Coming to the eShop Next Week!

ATV Wild Ride 3D from Renegade Kid, developer of the acclaimed Mutant Mudds, is finally making its way to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game has been in development for quite some time- when we spoke to Renegade Kid Co-Founder Jools Watsham last April, he noted that the game was nearly finished, but that it was “something [they were] developing on the side, so it’ll take a little longer to complete”. Looking at the time table, it would appear that it was being developed alongside various iterations of Mutant Mudds, Bomb Monkey, and Planet Crashers, all of which saw releases in 2012. It appears that now, in March 2013, ATV Wild Ride 3D will get its chance to shine.

ATV Wild Ride began its life as a DS game that was released via retail through Destineer. The game hit the shelves at the very end of the DS’s life cycle, so Jools decided to give the game a second wind on the 3DS. The hunt for a publisher began, and was laborious as ever. That is, until something magical happened; Mutant Mudds became a smash hit, and Renegade Kid a hot eShop developer. The development of the title transitioned to digital, making no compromises in content- in fact, it greatly expands on the DS title.

The game features many upgrades from the original version of the game, some of them being obvious, like 3D support, updated resolutions, textures, audio, etc. Other new features are much more substantial, like the addition of online multiplayer for four racers on top of the preexisting local multiplayer. The suspension system and updated physics will also help to make the game feel more realistic. Finally, there is also an online ranking system that Jools hopes will help us determine who is number one in the world.

ATV Wild Ride 3D, described as a “tricked out, nitro-charged” arcade racer, features 24 courses set in various locales that can be played in five different single player modes, as well as multiplayer for four players via local or online wi-fi. It retails for $7.99 on the 3DS eShop, and will be available next Thursday, March 7th.

Renegade Kid also aims to reveal their new first-person shooter for the 3DS eShop at PAX East later this month. Stay tuned for more details on both titles.

ATV Wild Ride 3D Trailer


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