Dead or Alive 5+ Launches March 19th on Playstation Vita!

Dead or Alive 5+ Launches March 19th on Playstation Vita!

Dead or Alive is making its way to the Playstation Vita next week; it would seem that Team Ninja is determined to keep Vita owners busy this year. Playstation Plus members received free copies of Ninja Gaiden Sigma+, leading up to the release of its sequel late last month (look for our review of Sigma 2+ later this week). Both games are ports of the PS3 remakes of the original Xbox titles, realized on the Playstation Vita handheld. Dead or Alive 5+ is along the same lines, being a new version of the game that originally released in September of last year for consoles. That said, Team Ninja has done its best to sweeten the package by including a slew of new features to make the game worth your while, or perhaps even worth a double dip.

First and foremost is the game’s new mode “Tough Fight”, which allows the player to play in a first-person perspective and physically “hit” their opponent by way of the touch screen. Whether or not this is merely a gimmick remains to be seen, but we are certainly intrigued as to how the fights will ultimately play out, and how fun it is. The fights can take place using the Vita in a horizontal or vertical position, and players will utilize a series of gesture controls, from tapping to pinching, to attack their opponent. In typical Dead or Alive fashion, this allows players to become more “acquainted” with their opponents- alternate costumes and all. Check out the trailer for a glimpse at the mode around 0:55.

The other additional modes are an enhanced Tutorial and “Combo Challenge”. Both of these modes were designed with both veteran and novice players in mind, and will allow users to explore the depths of each individual character, and perfect their combos and moves. This, coupled with the ability to view detailed breakdowns of moves, combos, damage dealt, etc. strive to make this version of Dead or Alive 5 the best for honing skills.

Dead or Alive 5+ is also a cross-play and cross-save game. Like other games that are on both the Playstation 3 and Vita, the player has the ability to move their save file from one system to the other. And, like Playstation-All Stars before it, Vita players can tango with their console brethren. To make this feature more distinctive, Team Ninja has added identification symbols so that players know whether they are fighting against console or handheld players, as you can see in the image above.

For those that are not convinced or are new to the series, feat not- Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja have got you covered. Soon, a demo for the game will be appearing in the Playstation Store. This demo will feature online, cross-platform play with owners of the Playstation 3 version of the game. Players can sample play with four different characters against any of the roster on eight stages. What is more, is that any unlockables awarded during the course of the demo can be transferred from the demo to the final version of the game, were the player to purchase it. This is, perhaps, the beefiest demo of all time, and well worth your while to check out.

Dead or Alive 5+ is ready to launch next Tuesday, March 19th. There is not a specific date and time set for the release of the demo, though we should know those details shorty.

Dead or Alive 5+ Features Trailer


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