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Home Entertainment Sony Reveals New Story Trailers for Puppeteer, The Last of Us
Sony Reveals New Story Trailers for Puppeteer, The Last of Us

Sony Reveals New Story Trailers for Puppeteer, The Last of Us


Sony Reveals New Story Trailers for Puppeteer, The Last of Us

In spite of the impending Playstation 4 release later this year, Sony’s first party studios are continuing to churn out premium content for Playstation 3 owners. Two titles among the many released and to-be-released PS3 games this year are Puppeteer and the hotly anticipated The Last of Us. Both of these titles were featured on Playstation’s official blog yesterday, sporting new story-specific trailers.

Puppeteer was announced last August at GamesCom. This title is the latest from Sony’s prized Japan Studio, best known for the likes of Ape Escape, LocoRoco, and Patapon. While it has to share the spotlight a bit with Rain, Japan Studio’s other title due out this year, Puppeteer seems like it is set to be the first one out of the gate; its release date has been officially set to September 10th, just one week before Killzone: Mercenary hits the Vita. The basic gist of the story has already been revealed; The Moon Bear King captured a boy named Kutaro, turned him into a puppet, and ate his head, which led to Kutaro taking up a magic pair of scissors in attempt to recover his head and make it home. But details concerning the how and why were not revealed until yesterday. Check out the trailer below to start digging into the bizarre- but likely charming- story.

Puppeteer – Story Trailer

Naughty Dog has shown a significant amount of gameplay for The Last of Us in attempt to demonstrate their innovative, dynamic combat system that changes based on the environment and situation. Despite this, and the fact that one story trailer has already been released, little is known about what exactly is going on. It still is not completely clear who Joel and Ellie are, what their relationship is, where they are going and why, who everyone else is, and why things have gotten so bad. It seems that Naughty Dog is content keeping us in the dark; the newest trailer, while it introduces some new faces and situations, does nothing to alleviate the mystery surrounding the game. That said, the trailer is definitely worth your while. Be warned, though; this red band trailer is violent and unfiltered.

The Last of Us – Extended Red Band Story Trailer

The Last of Us is set to release for the Playstation 3 on June 14th.

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