Dave & Busters Launches The Next Big Game Contest

Do you have what it takes to create the next big arcade game? Dave & Busters is giving you that chance!

The contest will run from June 10 to July 15, and is open to residents of the continental United States. The winner will not only have the opportunity to have their winning game designed as a mobile app or featured as an arcade attraction in Dave & Buster’s nation-wide, but may also win free games for life.

Kevin Bachus, senior vice president of Entertainment at Dave & Buster’s and one of the founding developers of the Xbox game system, has been committed developing a new era of arcade gaming in the 21st century. He believes the future of arcade gaming will be much more interactive as it will bring popular and new games to a bigger and more immersive platform for maximum engagement.

Think you can top these new games Dave & Buster’s just rolled out?

The following judging criteria will be taken into consideration; originality, ease of play, family fun, game play experience and difficulty.

Do you have what it takes? Submit your game idea to NEXTGAME.CC.CA! And for more information on Dave & Busters check out their website!


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