CastleStorm Review: Projectile Launching Entertainment

CastleStorm Review: Projectile Launching Entertainment

Platform: Steam/PC (Also available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3)
Genre: Strategy/Action

CastleStorm is a joy to play, providing gamers with entertaining side-scrolling tower defense action. There are a number of stages for players to earn stars, including bonus stars by meeting in game conditions. Each stage brings something unique, such as a basic capture the enemy castle’s flag, destroy the enemy castle, and capture the center of the map to safely bring friendlies back to the castle.

Players are able to deal with enemies in many ways, and launching weapons from the castle is one of them. Players start out with a single javelin and eventually unlock a three shot javelin burst. It gets even more fun as players advance, earning new and more powerful weapons like the tri-stone. That stone is a beast when players get a kill streak, allowing them to excessively launch it at the enemy’s castle to cause major damage. It’s such joyous entertainment, especially when the enemy castle comes crumbling down!

Besides launching weapons from the castle, players also have the opportunity to send in the warrior with shield and sword in hand, letting the player control his actions in side scrolling combative fashion. He’s a tough dude, but he’ll need to be upgraded as player progress. Also, he’s not the only warrior on the field either as players can also send in additional troops, such as swordsmen and archers. These guys also need to be leveled up to ensure they stay competitive when things get tough.

I love the game’s style, but especially because it offers multiple ways of enjoying the combat. Also, there are special power-ups that let the players unleash massive attacks or attacks in very quick succession. The game is nicely pieced together in that it can keep players entertained for hours thanks to the unique weapons and being able to upgrade them and watch them cause even more damage. Players can also spend time in a castle editor mode that allows them to create new rooms to build their castle any way they see fit, which can add bonuses to the in game gameplay.

In addition to the campaign, there is a survival mode that has players dealing with wave after wave of enemies. Also, there is capture the flag where players will battle an enemy castle to see who can break down the opposing castle’s door first to steal the flag and get it safely back to their base. It’s all quite fun and the numerous enemies make it just as enjoyable, especially when facing some of the heavy hitters that show up in the late rounds of survival mode. Look out!

CastleStorm is a very pleasant title, though it does have slightly repetitive music that may get on your nerves. However, it does the job well when it comes to the gameplay as it has a number of ways to fall in love with its action. This is certainly a game that players should pick up if they are looking for a tower defense title of sorts with a bit of an extra combative twist.

Score: 8/10