Payday 2 Review: A Heisting Good Time

Payday 2 Review: A Heisting Good Time

Title: Payday 2
Platform: Steam/PC
Genre: Shooter

Payday 2 is a first-person shooter that’s all about doing the job that’s required and collecting the payout by completing the task. Players will heist banks, rob jewelry stores, and perform many other tasks that all have a rewarding payday, especially once the jobs start becoming more difficult.

Robbing a jewelry store can be a lot of fun and provide a huge reward when successfully completing the job. It’s so much fun when the player goes in to a mission with a group of friends who have all studied the situation, and then perfectly removes the guards and controls all the civilians without a single alarm going off. It’s an odd feeling when it first happens, when the cops don’t get alerted because each player successfully controlled the situation. It’s totally awesome to watch the drill open a safe without having to unload on wave after wave of swat team members in the meantime. It’s a lot easier too!

However, it’s not that easy! I’ve put many hours into the game and I’ve only had that happen once. I’m thinking most new players will have a similar situation I had. They’ll walk into a store or bank with guns blazing, which alerts hundreds of cops that approach from all different angels, causing the player to hide in the corner until they are arrested. The game is insane when first playing as the cops provide a tough challenge with multiple levels of difficulty. Players can handle the basic cops and the early swat members, but once guys with shields start getting involved, along with snipers and enforcers, things begin to get really interesting!

Payday 2 is all about multiplayer and joining up with a team of friends to have a full squad. Even playing with random people can be very entertaining as well. This isn’t a game that should be played solo with three computer teammates as it just doesn’t capture the same amount of excitement as it does with human teammates. So grab some friends or meet some new ones and start taking on jobs to earn cash as it’s so very well worth it thanks to a brilliant and entertaining co-op experience.

As players earn cash and collect rewards, they’ll are able to collect new masks, additional weapons, extra parts to upgrade, and level up their player with new skills to learn. It features a good progression system that will keep players coming back for more. It’s actually exciting to unlock a new weapon in this game as players want to go on a new job to put their new gun to the test, seeing if it helps them better accomplish the mission.

The missions are very interesting also as they can either be one day jobs or up to three day jobs. This means that the player can do the job in one day and earn the reward or do a three day job, which is split into multiple segments, and earn a much larger reward. The excitement shows on multiple day jobs as well, because imagine successfully completing two missions (two days) and then going into the final mission with the huge payday resting on this one final mission. It absolutely sucks when failing the final missions, but it’s so exciting and rewarding when completing it to successfully grab all that cash and XP for leveling up.

Payday 2 is an awesome co-op experience. Anyone who likes a decent shooter with a challenge and some strategy will easily fall victim to its addictive nature. Once the music starts playing that indicates that the police assault is underway, it’s game on and players will dance and shoot their way along to the beats while doing everything they can to grab the goods and make it to the escape vehicle that’s sitting just around the corner. Good luck safely getting to an escape vehicle when there are a number of SWAT members out there waiting!

Score: 8.5/10