Grand Theft Auto V: Viewing The Massive City From Above

Grand Theft Auto V: Viewing The Massive City From Above

One of the best features that always accompany a Grand Theft Auto game is its city. With Grand Theft Auto V, the city is even vaster with so much going on from the big city to the outskirts of town. Los Santos is another toy box that’s so easy for gamers to get lost in and it’s truly incredible to see it from above.

I think what makes me appreciate the city of Los Santos even more is that I’ve been driving around throughout the city for hours before I even got in a plane. It’s so expansive and it’s amazing to travel the roads and see the tall buildings just outside. It’s even more impressive how well Rockstar laid out the city. I remember when I first went on the outskirts of town and had to take the interstate back in to the city. One of my favorite roads was one where it looked like I was in a barren land with no city in sight, but then the road turned a bit and I came over a small hill to see the huge downtown buildings in the distance. That was just a cool moment I had in the game to see the city all of a sudden in the far distance.

Players can obviously tell just how big the city is from seeing it on the ground, but seeing it from the sky for the first time is even more impressive. Being able to take a military jet and climb high in the sky while looking at all the lights below is by far my favorite moment. Because players know just how alive Los Santos is and it’s just amazing to see all those roads that players are able to travel.

Anyway, I’ve spent so much time screwing around in this game (as we all know is way too easy to do) that I still haven’t unlocked the character that can handle the aircraft better, so that’s why these planes are all over the place when flying. The first video shows me as I travel throughout the city, giving viewers a good feel for the city below before taking to the skies. Unfortunately, as I was taking off, I ran into a lot of problems that lead to the plane’s engines failing. So, viewers can watch as I nicely touchdown on a busy city road.

The second video shows me breaking into a military base and stealing a military jet, which I had way too much fun flying. I can’t wait to have better control though as I’ll do touch-and-goes all day long with that thing. Also, I think it would be fun to begin doing stunts and other tricks when I have better control. Here is a video that shows off the entire gameplay experience of stealing the jet, dodging missiles, and eventually showing off my own missiles.

To close out, Los Santos is a city that’s incredibly fun to explore by all modes of transportation. However, flying is by far my favorite thing to do and it’s a lovely experience to circle the island and check out all that it has to offer.


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