Dale Blasts ‘Greedy’ TV Producers

UGLY BETTY actor ALAN DALE has launched a vicious attack on the TV show that propelled him to stardom in his native Australia, branding its producers “greedy and nasty”.

Dale shot to prominence in Aussie soap opera Neighbors, but he quit in 1992 after seven years of clashing with tyrannical program-makers.

And the actor fears its current cast and crew members will be suffering under the same oppressive regime.

He says, “The show I loved. It was sweet and the people I worked with were sweet, most of them. But the producers were greedy and nasty. There are many examples of the things these people did and, as far as I know, are still doing.

“When you live in a country where there is not much else to do as an actor, there isn’t much choice but to put up with it. But I used to fight them all the time, which is one of the reasons we parted company.”



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