F1 2013 Impressions: Putting A Classic Touch On Racing

F1 2013 Impressions: Putting a Classic Touch on Racing

The intense racing of F1 2013 is almost here and I’ve been given the chance to take a few laps with the latest preview version. Last year I reviewed F1 2012, enjoying it quite a bit, so I am very excited to jump in the driver’s seat of F1 2013. Right off the bat the hardcore feeling immediately set back in. I had a lot of tension flowing through me with every turn as I gripped my controller tight, causing my hands to hurt after each race. That immediately tells the player that they are very much into what’s being offered on screen. That’s how it goes with F1 racing!

I immediately began with the classics section during my preview, choosing Mario Andretti as my driver. Right as the game begins to start it’s easy to appreciate the classic tint that they put on the screen, giving it the old brownish/yellow coloring. It sets the mood for the classic content that’s offered in F1 2013. As for the racing, it took a while to find my control as I leaned into each corner. I also needed to remind myself that it’s all about taking the course one corner and one lap at a time. I began to maneuver well on every course and started to time each turn perfectly which reminded me why I love the F1 series, because the racing begins to feel great once players start perfecting the course they’re racing on.

After that I began to try out the classic scenarios which are something I always tend to enjoy in games. I got to play one where I needed to take and hold first place and another where I had 3 laps to overtake first and second place. Both scenarios are exciting, though I must say that the first one ended up causing me some troubles and made it so that I will never like Mario Andretti again. That’s right, no longer will I be racing his car in classic mode!

It’s probably just the nerves that the game brings out in me, but everyone knows how frustrating it is to have 2 great laps and then to slip up on the final lap. Well, that’s exactly what I did. I was a ball of nerves on each turn of the final lap and Mr. Mario Andretti took full advantage of that on my final turn which I ended up cutting just a little bit too wide. I still ended up beating the scenario on my second try, but that’s the enjoyment and intensity of the F1 series right there in the first race. The F1 series is a series of close and precise racing where every turn counts, and F1 2013 looks to be no different.

I can’t wait to begin playing through the full version of F1 2013. Getting to preview what’s soon to come has significantly increased my excitement. I can’t wait to play more classic racing and to begin my new career as an F1 2013 driver. Get ready for some classic F1 greatness, which will be available October 4th on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Make sure to check out my interview with Paul Jeal, Game Director for F1 2013.

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  1. Nice! I’ll be putting this title on my wish list. The Classic feature sounds great! 🙂

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